McDonald’s Belgium Menu Prices

McDonald’s Belgium Menu Prices

If you are looking for McDonald’s Belgium Menu Prices you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you are planning a holiday to Belgium and want to know how much your McDonald’s favourites are when you are away?

Below we have the full menu and price list for McDonald’s Belgium.

All prices are subject to variation based on location and you can expect to pay more at Airports etc.

McDonald's Sandwiches

À la carte (€)McMenu Medium (€)McMenu Large (€)
Big Mac4.106.707.30
Royal Burger4.206.807.40
Generous Jack5.307.908.50
Generous Jacqueline5.307.908.50
4 Chicken McNuggets2.80
6 Chicken McNuggets4.156.757.35
9 Chicken McNuggets4.95
20 Chicken McNuggets8.45
Sharing Box (9 McNuggets + 6 Chicken Wings)8.45
3 Chicken Wings2.00
5 Chicken Wings4.156.757.35
Double Cheeseburger2.50
Petit Chicken Wrap2.35

McDonald's Salads

À la carte (€)McMenu w/water or Tropicana (€)McMenu w/soft drink or Jupiler (€)
Caesar Salad4.955.956.00
Bacon & Cheese Salad4.955.956.00
Mozzarella Salad4.955.956.00
Side Salad2.50

McDonald's Happy Meal

McMenu w/water or Tropicana (€)McMenu w/soft drink (€)
Hamburger, Cheeseburger, McFish or 4 Chicken McNuggets4.454.50

McDonald's Make it Veggie

À la carte (€)McMenu Medium (€)McMenu Large (€)
McChicken Veggie4.056.657.25
McWrap Veggie4.407.007.60

McDonald's Fries

À la carte (€)
Klein (Small)1.80
Groot (Large)2.40

McDonald's Dranken

À la carte (€)
Coca-Cola/Light/Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Lipton Ice Tea
- Klein (Small)1.85
- Medium2.20
- Groot (Large)2.50
Plat water/ Perrier
- Medium2.15
- Groot (Large)2.45
Jupiler 33cl2.20
Tropicana 25cl2.15
Warme Choco
- Medium1.70
- Groot (Large)2.45
Warme Choco Deluxe2.85
Koffie (Segafredo)
- Medium1.65
- Groot (Large)2.10
Espresso (Segafredo)1.65
Cappuccino, Caffè Latte (Segafredo)
- Medium2.05
- Groot (Large)2.45
Cappuccino Deluxe, Caffè Latte Deluxe (Segafredo)2.85

McDonald's Desserten

À la carte (€)
Vers Fruit1.70
Muffin met Nutella2.20
Petit Lu1.60
- 1 st.1.10
- 2 st.2.00
- 4 st.3.00
- 6 st.4.00

McDonald’s Menu Prices and Price List was collected September 2018.

McDonald’s Belgium Menu Prices

As of writing, the current exchange rate is:

€1 = £0.90 (UK)
€1 = $1.16 (US)

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