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What they say:

We are tired of London milking the limelight with the hottest restaurant openings and newest food concepts so have made it our mission to be the kind of back street burger pusher that can indulge your wildest (meat) fantasies!

We go to great lengths to make sure our well-hung, prime beef burgers are the ultimate guilty pleasure and promise quality and indulgence served up with genuine passion and a sense of fun.

Price: £7.50.

Calories: Unknown.

Fantastic little place in the heart of Manchester, only just opened. In fact, not so little as it is spread out over three floors.

Inside, a striking semi-industrial layout with lots of dark wood. It really feels completely up to date.

Filthy Cow Filthy Beast
Outside Filthy Cow…

At this time of day, it wasn’t busy and I was able to have a chat with the young and infectiously enthusiastic owner, Jordan, who was well aware of

She explained the lengthy process that went into developing the burgers.

Anyone who thinks top burger places just get some beef, bread and cheese and throw it all together, think again. It takes ages to get it right!

Jordan cut her teeth at some of the big burger brands and picked up an extensive knowledge along the way. And it shows.

This is a slick operation. Order at the counter (not my favourite but it sort of works here) and get one of these buzzy, flashy things that tell you when the burger is ready.

As for the menu, it is short and to the point. A hamburger, a cheeseburger, a bacon cheese, a veg option and a rotating monthly special.

The bacon cheese is called the Filthy Beast and there was really no other option for me. Altogether now… “Bacon makes….”

Well, it is pancetta actually, and the cheese is Red Leicester, and the bun is brioche. The meat is a chuck and brisket mix and the patties are hand pressed on the grill.

Jordan said she follows Burger Lad® on Twitter (like everyone should) and knew all about us. She also knows her business so well and was more than happy explaining everything in a lot of detail.

Filthy Cow Filthy Beast
The ultimate guilty pleasure…

After a short wait, my burger arrived on a tray, wrapped in a thick white paper, with a branded sticker keeping it closed. After a satisfying crinkle opening it up, I was highly impressed with what was inside.

A medium sized stack enclosed in shiny brioche, with just the right ingredients inside. Two generous slices of smoked pancetta on top of a thick patty, and the melted cheese and sauce causing some degree of filthiness, but not so much that you couldn’t bring your mother.

Filthy Cow Filthy Beast
Filthy Beast…

I bit into the softness of the brioche and got the tomato first. Not my favourite ingredient, but I decided to leave it in, and as the burger went down, the tomato actually played a decent supporting role. As did the pickles (cut lengthways – a conscious decision in development).

The Red Leicester was chosen in development after testing the usual cheese suspects. It works really well, especially in the look – the dark melted ooze adding extra enticement, if any were required.

And the beef, with its 75/25 mix, is tasty as hell. House style is slightly pink – medium as it should be. When I opened it up I saw how bumpy and knobbly it was, crispy on the outside and pink inside – exactly as a good patty ought to be.

Filthy Cow Filthy Beast
Raising the Manchester burger scene…

For balance, if I had to clutch at any downsides, and this is being really picky here, it would be the seasoning. The juicy beef could do with just a little more pep – black pepper perhaps. Not a lot, as Paul Daniels might say – but just a bit to raise the game.

I absolutely loved this place though and it is going to shake things up. Manchester has caught up with London’s burger scene in terms of quality and people like Jordan are going to drive the city into the lead.

Filthy Cow is an absolute must and the Beast is a hell of a burger. Top marks.

Filthy Cow Filthy Beast
Lifting the lid…

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  • 31/08/2016 at 7:49 am

    Sadly, the Manchester Evening News has reported that Fi/thy Cow has closed for good.

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