Subway Prices UK

Subway Prices UK

Subway Prices UK:

If you are looking for Subway menu prices in the UK you have come to the right place!

Subway Prices UK

Below is the most up-to-date and comprehensive price list for Subway you will find online.

We have the latest prices for all your favourites such as the Italian B.M.T., Chicken Teriyaki and the brand new Meatless Meatball Marinara.

Subway Prices UK were collected in Cheltenham and was last updated March 2023 – we have the prices for all 6” and Footlong sandwiches as well as breakfast, salads, Signature Loaded Wraps, snacks and platters.

The prices below are subject to variation across the UK due to various factors.

Subway Prices UK

Subway Subs

6" (£)Footlong (£)
Chicken & Bacon Melt3.996.39
Chicken Pizziola4.296.69
Chicken Teriyaki3.896.29
Chicken Tikka3.595.99
Italian B.M.T.3.495.89
Meatball Marinara3.495.89
Meatless Meatball Marinara3.595.99
Roast Chicken Breast3.495.89
Rotisserie-Style Chicken3.996.39
Spicy Italian3.295.69
Steak & Cheese4.296.69
Subway Melt3.696.09
Turkey Breast2.995.39
Turkey Breast & Ham3.195.59
Vegan Patty3.996.39
Veggie Delite2.795.19

Subway Breakfast

6" (£)Footlong (£)
Poached Egg & Cheese2.104.00
Bacon, Poached Egg & Cheese2.504.60
Sausage, Poached Egg & Cheese2.504.60
Mega Melt2.704.80

Subway Signature Loaded Wraps

Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese5.99
BBQ Chicken & Bacon5.49
Vegan with Garlic Aioli5.49

Subway Savers & Snacks

Cheese Toasted Bite1.29
Ham & Cheese Toasted Bite1.29
Steak & Cheese Toasted Bite1.29
Tuna Melt Toasted Bite1.29
Bowl of Meatballs1.69
Bowl of Meatless Meatballs1.69
Hash Browns0.99
Meat Feast2.59
Garlic Cheese Toastie0.99

Subway Platters

Vegan Platter18.00
Lite Platter20.00
Meat Feast Platter20.00
Classic Platter20.00

Subway Salads

Chicken & Bacon Melt5.49
Chicken Pizziola4.69
Chicken Teriyaki4.49
Chicken Tikka4.09
Italian B.M.T.3.99
Meatball Marinara4.09
Roast Chicken Breast4.19
Rotisserie-Style Chicken4.29
Spicy Italian3.79
Steak & Cheese4.89
Subway Melt4.19
Thai Chicken3.99
Tuna Nicoise4.59
Turkey Breast3.49
Turkey Breast & Ham3.79
Vegan Patty5.49
Veggie Delite4.39

Subway Cookies

1 (£)3 (£)12 (£)
Chocolate Chunk0.601.203.80
Double Chocolate0.601.203.80
Rainbow Candy Chip0.601.203.80
White Chocolate0.601.203.80
Macadamia Nut0.601.203.80
Oatmeal & Raisin0.601.203.80

Subway Treats

BEAR Pure Fruit Yoyo0.60

Subway Crisps

Doritos (various)0.60
Walkers (various)0.60

Subway Drinks

Pepsi Regular 375ml Bottle1.50
Pepsi Max 500ml Bottle1.50
Pepsi Max Cherry 500ml Bottle1.50
Tango Orange 500ml Bottle1.50
Mountain Dew Sugar Free 500ml Bottle1.50
7UP Free 500ml Bottle1.50
Gatorade Cool Blue 500ml Bottle1.50
Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml Bottle1.50
Bottled Water, Still 500ml Bottle1.50
Tropicana Orange Juice1.50
Pepsi Max - Regular 455ml1.20
Pepsi Max - Large 597ml1.50
7UP Free - Regular 455ml1.20
7UP Free - Large 597ml1.50
Tango Orange No Sugar - Regular 455ml1.20
Tango Orange No Sugar - Large 597ml1.50
Robinson's Apple & Blackcurrant - Regular 455ml1.20
Robinson's Apple & Blackcurrant - Large 597ml1.50
Pepsi Max Cherry - Regular 455ml1.20
Pepsi Max Cherry - Large 597ml1.50
Robinson's Fruit Shoot my-5 Apple & Blackcurrant 200ml Bottle1.20
Robinson's Refresh'd Raspberry & Apple 500ml Bottle1.50
Regular Coffee1.70
Large Coffee2.00
Regular Latte2.00
Large Latte2.30
Regular Tea1.50
Large Tea2.00
Regular Cappuccino2.00
Large Cappuccino2.30

Subway Meatless Meatball Marinara

The first Subway in the United Kingdom was opened in Brighton in 1996 and is now the UK’s largest High Street fast-food chain.

Subway is looking to open another 500 stores in 2020 which would bring its total to 3,000 across the UK and Ireland – this is ahead of its two main competitors; McDonald’s and Greggs.

In February 2020, Subway UK launched delivery through the UberEats platform and also extended their Just Eat service to more stores across the UK.

You can now also pre-order your food for collection by ordering via the Subway app at participating Subway restaurants.

Subway Prices UK

Subway regularly distribute vouchers allowing fans to dine for cheaper.

Examples of this include any 6” Meatless or Meatball Marinara sub for £2.99, 2 can dine for £6.99 and/or a Footlong Sub and drink for £4.99.

Subway Vouchers UK

One of the latest additions to the Subway menu are Toasted Bites which are priced at £1.29 – these are available as Ham & Cheese, Steak & Cheese, Cheese or Tuna Melt.

Subway Toasted Bites

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    How many meatballs do you put in a pot i got some today and i was given 4 meatballs with no sauce on them

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