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Review of Burger King UK Halloween Whopper

What they say:

Inspired by the Burger King brand’s Black Burger in Japan, which created buzz worldwide, the Halloween Whopper sandwich has a look that is curious to the eye, whilst still tasting like the familiar Whopper that Burger King guest’s know and love.

Price: £4.29 for the burger only.

Calories: TBC.


Burger King UK releases black bun Halloween Whopper in the UK!

Burger King Halloween Whopper
Burger King UK Halloween Whopper…

And guess what…!? BURGER LAD® was invited to a special pre-launch tasting event alongside some other high profile media types.

In case you missed it, we were first in the world to report on the release of the HA.1.Loween Whopper in the USA and we’re here to bring you an EXCLUSIVE first look at the UK version.

Now this could be a massive coincidence, but when we initially reported on the BK Eurotrip promotion, it was scheduled to run until 17th November.

Could it be that after seeing the worldwide reaction and media buzz around the Halloween Whopper that BK decided to terminate their Eurotrip immediately and capitalise on the hype surrounding the black buns?

We’ll leave that with you to decide based on the facts, but we’d like to believe we played some part in helping get this released over here.

MM even lost a bet with me on this one. After we received the mysterious invitation she confidently declared that the “UK would never get black buns”. Unfortunately for her, she was wrong… And her Carvery forfeit awaits (mine would have been a Greggs Baked Bean Slice).

Burger King Halloween Whopper
Outside the flagship restaurant…

We were back again at the flagship BK restaurant on Leicester Square, London. Now this didn’t appear like a regular tasting session as the entire upstairs section was closed off.

After explaining to a bewildered member of staff about why we were here, one of our PR contacts appeared and we were led upstairs to our spooky lunchtime séance…

Talk about brilliant. I instantly spotted BLACK Halloween Whopper bags and poured a celebratory Diet Coke with Lemon from the Freestyle machine.

BK had setup a banquet-style table with full on Halloween inspired decorations, eerie music and cobwebs everywhere!

Sinister green lighting really set the tone for what was to be one of the first tasting sessions in the UK of the now infamous black bunned Whopper.

As you can imagine, I really could not contain myself, almost like I was possessed and you can tell how excited I was in our latest episode of BLTV below.

Burger King Halloween Whopper
Spooky goings-on upstairs…

After a short wait (actually it felt like ages because I really could not wait!) the Mummy-inspired wrapping arrived!

Now also bear in mind that having since broken the US story two weeks ago I’ve watched with excitement as that story spread across the world.

Imagine telling me that in two weeks’ time we’d be sat in the flagship store again with a black Whopper in my hands!? No wonder I couldn’t get my words out on the video!

Burger King Halloween Whopper
Mummy-style wrapper…

The Halloween Whopper was expertly presented today. I literally had to sit there for a minute basking in its black glory.

Unlike the US counterpart which uses A1 steak sauce, (the vast majority of this country have probably never heard of it) this has BBQ sauce baked into the bread, with a natural colourant added to give the bun it’s dark black colour.

Burger King Halloween Whopper
Black buns land in the UK…

The rest of the build is a standard Whopper with cheese, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, fresh onion and pickles.

We’ll talk about it as a complete burger in a minute but let’s answer that burning question.


Firstly it looks spectacular. We were very impressed with just how black it was.

You expect the promo pictures to exaggerate the colour but this was very much an actual representation of those promotional images.

It was very striking, with the ghostly white sesame seeds accenuated against the black bun. It was scarily brilliant to see for the first time in person.

Burger King Halloween Whopper
Lifting the lid…

In terms of taste, there is no real BBQ flavour in the bun and that is used more for the colouring aspect.

What we did find is that it had a great consistency and was very floury and fluffy. It does certainly challenge your perceptions, but more than anything it is a real coup to see this in the UK.

Instead of longingly looking at pictures from the US and Japan wishing we could try something a bit different, this is now on our High Streets and in our Drive-Thrus!!

Apart from the bun aspect, like we said above, this is in essence a standard Whopper with cheese and BBQ sauce.

It all works nicely together with the freshness of the salad items and the crunch from the pickles and fresh onion. I did remove the tomato midway through this ghoulish build, as for me it just ruins the taste of the sandwich.

Burger King Halloween Whopper
ANOTHER Burger Lad exclusive…

In terms of the burger this has all the classic components of a Whopper with the added bonus of American Cheese and BBQ sauce. And let’s not forget freakishly freaking black buns for freaks sake!

Other reviewers might say that this is just a Whopper with a black bun and they could be right. It is a gimmick, but a good gimmick and an incredible amount of fun!

And it really sends a positive message from BK in the UK and at a corporate level that they have simultaneously released this in a number of countries worldwide.

No more arguments about the UK never getting the decent or bizarre stuff we see overseas. And didn’t we pitch the idea recently to Mathew Bresnahan about the UK getting true international “guest” burgers…!? Well here we are…

After we finished the tasting session we received a black Halloween Whopper goody bag which included a BK crown, press release, panic button, flickering candles and a promotional t-shirt!!! And you know how much I love a burger-branded t-shirt!

Burger King Halloween Whopper
Dare you try it…!?

Whether this was planned all along by BK or they decided to capitalise on the buzz surrounding the Halloween Whopper this is a master stroke by The King and Co.

You only have to search for Eurotrip or Crunchy Cheese Whopper on Twitter and there are very, very few tweets!

Compare this to just how much press coverage the Halloween Whopper has got and you can see why BK MIGHT have changed their original plans. I said might…

We would like to once again thank everyone at Burger King for inviting us down today and making this a spooky, fun filled tasting event.

Its fantastic news the black Halloween Whopper has arrived in this county and it was great to be one of the FIRST in the UK to sample it.

The Halloween Whopper is available now and will run alongside the Pumpkin Spice Latte (£1.69 regular, £1.99 large) and special limited edition packaged Chicken Fries until Saturday 31st October.

Burger Lad®

Website: https://www.burgerking.co.uk/

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  • 02/10/2015 at 7:10 pm

    Great review! Do you just eat burgers for a living?!? That's Awesome!!! 😉

    • 05/10/2015 at 8:43 pm

      Thanks Matt! It had been a long day travelling to London on a train with no Wi-Fi. Fixed!


  • 06/10/2015 at 11:56 am

    did it turn your poop green?

  • 11/10/2015 at 2:36 pm

    I was not impressed with the Halloween Burger. I got mine from the Bexleyheath restaurant. it costs £4.49 there for some reason and mine at least never had any cheese in it which I thought was part of the sandwich – and to top it all, I had to run for the bus home and 5 minutes after purchasing this burger it was already cold 🙁

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