Burger King Angry Whopper

Review of Burger King’s Angry Whopper

Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/

What they say:

Make your favourites angry with Pepperjack Cheese, Hot Jalapeños and Angry Onion Strips.

Price: £4.59 for the burger only, £6.09 as part of a meal.

Calories: 788 kcal or 1,214 kcal with fries and drink.

I must confess I believe this is my first BK Whopper ever!

Considering the Whopper normally has fresh tomato, onion, ketchup, mayo and no cheese this was always a bit of a no-brainer for me. But as I continue my process of change and improvement I was up for this fiery sounding mid-morning filler.

Now I don’t exactly know what BK are playing at in their marketing of the new range (you can also make an Angus or Chicken Royale “Angry”) but I have not seen one mention of this on television and they don’t even appear on their website! I stumbled across them on the BK UK Facebook page – perhaps it does have some uses…

Burger King Angry Whopper Review
The latest limited edition burgers at BK…

It seems Burger King are more interested in promoting their new “King Savers” menu with items such as the Chicken Nugget Burger (99p), Hamburger (99p), Cheeseburger (£1.39) and Whopper Jr. (£1.99).

Maybe the trick is to get punters through the door with that then tempt them with a “premium” upgrade? At £4.59 this is at the higher end of the high street burger price index.

So on the eve of what might see the new McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World promotion, I ventured into a post-summer school holiday BK which at this early hour was deserted.

Breakfast items were still being sold but I always like the fact you can also order off the standard menu. I coughed at the counter hoping someone would come from the back and take my order.

Burger King Angry Whopper Review
‘A’ is for Angry I think…

Eventually someone did and I watched on as my latest friend was being assembled. I had scored a free “premium” parking space when driving into town so didn’t feel too guilty about the cost. But oh how Myfitnesspal would weep when I entered 788 calories – luckily for me this was a combined breakfast and lunch.

Anyway, after watching someone make the Angry Whopper without wearing plastic gloves I wasn’t too put off until I saw the sauce going on it… it looked like a ketchup bottle and strangely I was more horrified by the thought of my arch nemesis than the lack of hygienic gloves. Undeterred, I grabbed my tray and hurried away to get some shots of this new limited time offer from the King.

Burger King Angry Whopper Review
The real Burger King Angry Whopper…

The first thing I smelt when I opened the box was the smell of that sickly sweet ketchup which had been drenched all over the patty and ingredients. I took my first bite and the immediate taste I picked out was the sharp kick from the pickled Jalapeño peppers.

It was quite tasty, the flame grilled Whopper was not lost amongst everything else and I could easily distinguish its flavour. To be honest the mayo and ketchup was not discernible and everything on-board fused very well together.

Burger King Angry Whopper Review
We lift the lid on the latest High Street offerings…

The definite main players on this latest offering from BK were the beef and Jalapeños. The onion strips were pretty impressive too.

At first, I couldn’t taste them so removed one and took a bite. It was oniony but with a moderate, fiery kick. Later on my palate did pick them up amongst the other ingredients and as I quickly finished the Angry Whopper I felt quite contented with it.

The cheese was OK, not really much to write about but overall this burger is recommended for anyone looking for a spicy High Street hamburger hit.

At 788 calories I don’t think I will be rushing out to sample this one again but I am very glad to have tried it.

Burger King Angry Whopper Review
Hot or BBQ sauce would have made this a Whopper winner…

Now I don’t know if this has been out in the UK before but I know our US cousins have had a similar offering. The American counterpart differs slightly and I would be very interested in having this sometime in the future.

“Spice things up with the new ANGRY WHOPPER® Sandwich, ¼ lb of savory fire-grilled beef, topped with thick-cut smoked bacon, melted Habanero Cheese, freshly cut iceberg lettuce, spicy onion petals, ripe tomatoes, spicy jalapenos, smothered with a spicy angry sauce, all on a warm, toasted, sesame seed bun.”

Burger King Angry Whopper Review
The United States Angry Whopper…

I especially like the sound of the bacon, cheese, onion “petals” (posh) and angry sauce. Maybe one day…

With that let us take one last look at the Burger King Angry Whopper.

If you are fed up of McDonald’s never offering a burger with Jalapeños on it then get yourself into your local BK where the King will welcome you with open arms and an open cash register.

Burger King Angry Whopper Review
Replace tomatoes with bacon and I’m there…

We hope to be back real soon with the first of the McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World 2013 promotional burger (unless it is the Spanish Grande!).

Burger Lad®