McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac

McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac

Another day, another addition to the UK’s greatest library of menu hacks here at BURGER LAD®.

This one has actually been available at McDonald’s in other countries, most recently in New Zealand alongside the Big Mac BLT.

As Burger Lad® recently created the latter, it is only right that today we bring you the McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac.

So what is it?

Well, it’s a Big Mac, but instead of two round beef patties, it has two rather more oval chicken patties usually found on the McChicken Sandwich.

And how do I get it?

Well, you just ask. You probably need to find a branch willing to do it, and go at a less busy time, but this was your classic secret menu item – tell them what you want, ask nicely, smile and that’s really all there is to it.

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac

What’s it like?

Well, it came in a Big Mac box which ironically states “there is only one”. As Yoda once famously said “there is another… Big Mac”, and this is it.

The cheese, the bun, the sauce and the crispy coated chicken all form a similar colour scheme, lacking the dark brown of the beef to break up the beige – and on that basis the original is probably easier on the eye.

It’s also bigger. The two crispy chicken patties are clearly thicker than the beef circles of the original so you’re clearly getting more for your money here.

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac

It’s still unmistakably a Big Mac though, and the pickles and Special Sauce, as well as the central, club-layer bun all make this abundantly clear.

The crispy bite of the chicken was a pleasant change from the far softer experience of the beef.

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac

I wasn’t sure how this would work with the slightly sour taste of the sauce, but while the special Mac sauce probably does complement the beef slightly better, it is not at all unpleasant here on the chicken.

This is a great, relatively simple menu hack and shows that, with a bit of lateral thinking and inspiration from BURGER LAD®, McDonald’s menu items from other countries can be recreated here in the UK.

The McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac ordered and served-up fresh. When are you getting yours?

Admiral Burgerbar