Burger King Rodeo King

Burger King Rodeo King Menu Hack

At oh-six-hundred hours (aka 06:00) I awoke at BLHQ and could not get back to sleep. What was haunting me? Why could I not settle and resume my snoozing? I will tell you why… because today we would write another piece of burger history.

Today we would risk everything and a hoard of half term kids to venture into Burger King. Today we would create the latest Secret Menu Item… today we would create…THE RODEO KING!!!

Burger King Rodeo King

Burger Lad®and the quest for secret menu items continues now as we take a look at how to make this quad burger beast…

In the red corner… The Double Rodeo.

Burger King Rodeo King

What they say: Say howdy to the Double Rodeo! Two 100% flame-grilled beef patties, two breaded onion rings and cheese, topped off with a western barbecue sauce for the ultimate wild-west taste! Yeehaa!

Calories: 544 kcal.

Cost £3.79 but on King of the Day £1.99 (Thursday).

And in the blue corner… The Big King.

Burger King Rodeo King

What they say: Big is beautiful and small can go cower in a corner. Get your teeth into 2 flame grilled burgers, crispy lettuce, sliced onions, pickles, American cheese and our Big King Sauce, all in a toasted sesame seed bun. It’ll satisfy the biggest (see what we did there?) appetites.

Calories: 523 kcal.

Cost £3.79 but on King of the Day £1.99 (Monday).

So having gone on a Thursday this burger beauty has cost me £5.78, and the calories are estimated at approx 986 (minus 81 for one half of the Rodeo burger bun). Anyway enough of statistics… let’s get back to the action.

I knew I was going up against a calorific creation of a burger so this very morning I’d completed a 20 minute, 280 calorie burn exercise bike session. And after coming away from this secret, lunch time rendezvous I will need to hit the bike again. At just under 1,000 calories this unholy alliance is half of the recommended daily allowance for women.

We expected Burger King to be packed and in retrospect, as people looked on I wish it had have been. It was quiet… too quiet! We walked straight in and ordered. Within three minutes I was produced with what looked like two innocuous burgers. Who would even dream of what a beast we were about to unleash on the unsuspecting burger public?

Here we had two standard menu burgers ready to make Burger Lad’s very own secret menu item – The RODEO KING!!!

Filming started (I apologise now that once again David Attenburger has managed to ‘ruin’ BLTV and film it in portrait. Holding the camera in portrait surprisingly records in portrait too. He’ll never learn…). Anyway… he’s so bloody good at talking what can you do?

I did some cheap plugging of my latest line of Burger Lad® merchandise and we were ready to rumble…

Burger King Rodeo King

As onlookers gasped, I pulled the top bun of the Rodeo off and the Big King was crowned in its place. My concept design/artwork was of mixing it all up a bit but time was against us and the crowd were getting into a frenzy.

As you can see from the pictures this was a big burger and with four patties it was going to take a big bite. Ask most people and they will tell you I have a big gob and it was at full capacity to bite into this terrifying tower.

God it was big! I hit the taste of the onion rings first and then the BBQ sauce. The Big King sauce unfortunately lost its way but a hint of it made it through on occasion. Here it is in all it’s gory glory…

Burger King Rodeo King

The double cheese draped itself over the meat like a burlesque girl perched on a Gentleman’s knee. As I clung to keep this bastard of a burger together all I could think was the flare of indigestion from this flame grilled demon.

Sadly the pickles were either missing or unnoticeable on this orgy of a burger, and the top bun started to disintegrate while trying to ‘stay on target’. I was too lazy to replace it with the spare we had removed from the Rodeo.

I managed to conquer this burger – it was an amalgamation of a number of flavours and textures but the main player which prevailed was beef. The BBQ sauce and the onion rings from the Rodeo sparred with the lettuce and fresh onion from the Big King for the first time ever. We had done it! We had created THE RODEO KING!!!

Overall it worked, it was a crazy stunt and we had a bit of fun doing it. Would I order it again? Probably not. Would I recommend trying it? Well… my Head of Legal strongly advises against this so we’ll leave you with these words of wisdom:


What you ‘can do’ however is watch and share our video and this review. Remember to tell all your friends and family too!

‘Chekov’ out our latest quest for Secret Menu Items at:

Maybe next time we’ll get it in landscape…

On our way out, I was asked by a number of the crowd to put my autograph on some empty burger wrappers – their destination… the bin!

Burger Lad®

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    What does a BK regular meal consist of:–
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