Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger

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Review of Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger


What they say:

Housemade burger. All steak, all good. Sliced brisket, pulled pork, melted Jack, dill pickle, salad, dirty sauce, American mustard. All stacked on a glazed artisan burger bun. With fries.

Price: £15.95.

Calories: Unknown.

It’s been a tough week, and the Admiral has been feeling decidedly low.

Without going into any detail (and thus being told this is a burger review and not a political debate), sleepless nights about hearts operating in place of brains have taken their toll.

Only one thing could possibly put a smile back on the Admiral’s face for a bit, and that is a truly magnificent burger. Fortunately such a thing exists!

Reds True BBQ feels like it has got the whole American experience down to a T. The smell from the pit is noticeable from down the street. It’s amazing!

I wish I was able to convey the smell to you in words, but there are no words good enough.

Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger
Enter the pit…

I’ve been here before, having the rather gimmicky Donut Burger. That was good, but the best bit about it wasn’t the sweet gimmick, it was the meat.

I vowed to return for the Pit Burger and that’s precisely what I’m doing.

This time I’m doing it properly. The proper burger. Just look at the description! This is going to be, to use a word I usually hate using but seems absolutely appropriate here, Awesome!

Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger
Fantastic Ingredients…

USA all the way as I order my Californian beer. Today is a non-driving day.

It’s only just opened for lunch but it’s bustling. This place must turnover a very pretty penny. Busy and quite loud. A sort of rockabilly vibe coming from the speakers and of course that incredible smell coming from the kitchen/pit.

Like so many other things, the experience is so much better when the dining area and the cooking area aren’t permanently separated from each other.

Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger
Americans do make some exceedingly good beers…

I can barely contain my excitement as the Pit Burger arrives at my table. It’s held together by a steak knife sticking out the top. Call that a knife? THIS is a knife!

First of all, I tuck into the skin-on fries which I’ve ordered “fired-up” which means extra spicy stuff sprinkled on them. They are certainly piquant, but very moreish.

But the main event is the Pit Burger. My eyes are struggling to take it all in.

An outstanding stack. Shiny glazed bun, meat, cheese, bacon, pulled pork, sloppy sauce. This is the best kind of monster there ever was.

Individually, the ingredients are very good, but in this burger, they are just so much better together.

Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger
If a picture could convey smell…

The barbeque sauce they put on this thing is very good. I actually feel like I’m running out of new adjectives to describe this.

The cheese is very generous and gets everywhere. It melds with the BBQ sauce as it melts to create the most glorious of slops.

The bottom bun is fading fast but the bread does actually keep this in. There’s even lettuce in there at the bottom, not that I can taste it.

Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger
Even a steak knife can’t tame this monster…

Bacon should make everything better and it does. It works with its distant cousin, the pulled pork, to create a meaty chorus of devilishly angelic proportions. Reds be praised!

I’m in a total mess by this point, and it is fine, so fine.

But in any great burger, no matter how wonderful the toppings are, the show should belong to the meat.

Let there be no mistake, the good folks at Reds know their meat.

The two beef patties in this are as close to perfection as it is possible to be. The beef tastes like it was cooked by God.

It’s a big burger and it is filling my belly. It is outstanding in every possible way. It goes straight to the top of the class.

Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger
I’m a tasty beast… grrrrrrr…!

I’d recommend this to utterly anyone who is still reading my waffling. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your colleagues. Reds has absolutely nailed it!

I apologise for the brevity of this review, but the writing is impeding my eating.

I have a Pit Burger to finish, and then I’m afraid I may need to retire to the poop deck for a week, hiding from the news and keeping fingers, toes and soul crossed.

See you on the other side.


Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger
Inside the Pit Burger… meat heaven…

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