Almost Famous Holidays are Coming Christmas Special

Review of Almost Famous Holidays are Coming Christmas Special


What they say:

Our burgers are made with 100% freshly ground beef. They’re juicy & dripping with sauce, cos no one ever woke up craving a salad. Double cheeseburger, mound of rich, fall apart BBQ beef brisket, cherry coke BBQ sauce, crunchy slaw with green apple and cranberry and a candy cane.

Price: £10.00.

Calories: Unknown.

Almost Famous – the wacky, bonkers burger joint that is spreading its wings along the M62, only Almost Famous would stick a candy cane in a burger.

Almost Famous – the big gorilla is bedecked with Santa clothing and it is an extremely warm oasis on a bitter cold day.

I ordered my beer and food at the bar. The only problem with the “order at the bar” model is if the bar staff aren’t paying attention, then you stay hungry for a bit longer.

Anyway, there are two Christmas specials on offer. The Holidays Are Coming which I’m having, and the Triple Ho – a cheeseburger topped with a turkey slider, topped in turn with a pork and stuffing ball.

Almost Famous Christmas Special
A Festive mouthful…

The creations here are fabulously bonkers, not just the specials. The minds of Beau Myers and his chefs must be overclocked and supercharged to come up with this stuff.

Anyway, this wacky burger arrived tout-de-suite, in the trademark AF red basket, and looked almost amazing.

The first thing that struck me was the fact that the candy cane wasn’t sticking out the top, as per the promo photos. It was on the side, wrapped in plastic.

To be honest, I might not have eaten the stick of coloured sugar anyway, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from self-appointed burger experts, it’s that burgers must be presented exactly as they appear in promo pics or words will be had…

Almost Famous Christmas Special
Looks far better than any Christmas jumper…

But that aside, the greatness of Almost Famous shone through. There’s gimmickry by the truckload of course, but most of that is marketing.

This burger, when stripped down, is a fabulous double cheeseburger with an extremely tasty topping of barbecue brisket of the sort that any southern U.S. state would be proud of.

The bun was strong, shiny and tasty and the slaw was marvellous. I had all of the slaw that fell out the back and it would make a terrific side dish all by itself.

The brisket on top was indeed “fall apart”. Downright sloppy, soft tasty beef. Another ingredient here that would be perfectly passable by itself.

Almost Famous Christmas Special
Almost Famous Holidays are Coming Burger…

The occasional bits of apple, green apple, throughout the slaw rather generously gave a very distinct tartness to proceedings.

At its heart, as with so many of Almost Famous’ burgers, this was a very good cheeseburger. The meat was slightly pink on the inside and very tasty. Ever so slightly on the salty side, but nothing one of their great beers couldn’t deal with.

Almost Famous Christmas Special
A real tasty mess…

Since joining, I’ve learned a lot. Foremost that gimmickry rarely works and that simple burgers with exceptional ingredients are usually my favourites.

Almost Famous, perhaps the masters of burger gimmickry, manage to show that all the fuss and bother needn’t detract from a superb burger.

On the occasions where gimmicks work, it’s burgers where they nudge the base ingredients upwards rather than overwhelm mediocre base ingredients. At Almost Famous, they seem to have nailed the art of decorating great ingredients.

Almost Famous Christmas Special
Merry Xmas to me…

The Holidays are Coming, no doubt, and if you’re looking for a good holiday special, this will tick the box. But if you’re looking for a really good cheeseburger, with a bit of fuss and “cool” factor, it’ll certainly tick that box too.

Almost Famous ticks a lot of boxes, because it’s very good and a lot of fun.

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