McDonald’s Hong Kong Batman Burger

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McDonald’s Hong Kong Justice League Batman Burger


McDonald’s Hong Kong has released a new burger as part of a Justice League promotion.

Travelling McDonald’s first tweeted about the new Batman Burger now available in Hong Kong so we had to check it out!

McDonald’s Hong Kong Justice League Batman Burger
McDonald’s Hong Kong Batman Burger…

It looks like the Batman Burger is one of four promotional burgers coming to Hong Kong as the website says “Get ready for more heroes at McDonald’s” with three other Justice League members featured – Superman, Flash and Green Lantern.

The Diner Double Beef Batman Burger appears to have two beef patties, egg, American cheese, fresh white onions, black pepper(?) sauce and a white-based mustard sauce(?).

Alongside this limited time promotional item are the ‘Hot Picks’ which include a Sparkling Green Apple Tea and the awesome sounding Squeezy Cheesy Fries.

McDonald’s Hong Kong Justice League Batman Burger
The Batman Hot Picks…

Expect to read about further Justice League burgers available in Hong Kong as soon as they are released.

In the meantime, if you are in Hong Kong and want to provide us with a review please get in touch through the usual channels.

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McDonald’s Hong Kong Justice League Batman Burger
Three more Justice League burgers coming soon…

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