Red’s True Barbecue Juicy Lucifer

Review of Red’s True Barbecue Juicy Lucifer


What they say:

Two housemade 5oz / 140g steak patties with a melted spicy 3-cheese centre, fried onions, pickles, dirty sauce, peppered bacon, ballpark mustard, and spicy hot wing sauce on a toasted bun. WARNING – HOT MOLTEN LAVA INSIDE!!

Price: £10.95.

Calories: Unknown.

Red’s True BBQ has just added a new burger to its menu.

It isn’t a place to offer meagre sizes. The Pit Burger and the Donut Burger are huge in their own ways. But now they are joined by a stuffed burger – The Juicy Lucifer.

It’s a double bacon cheeseburger that’s been stuffed with a spicy three cheese core and topped with all manner of goodies, including hot wing sauce.

Red’s True Barbecue Juicy Lucifer
Red’s new Juicy Lucifer…

Now, our very own Burger Lad® has come under brief but bizarre fire recently for apparently favouring spicy burgers. But why not?

Unless it is really so spicy that there’s no taste besides pure chilli, just burn, the heat adds an extra dimension to both the meat and the toppings, plus it almost always has a degree of feel-good about it, whilst refreshing the palate.

So, with that in mind, I’m quite sure Red’s Juicy Lucifer is going to be marvellous. Red’s meat is pretty close to perfect. So that, combined with the goodies listed above, is going to make for a wonderful meal.

As I wait, that pit smell is everywhere, and the place is filling up (like my belly will be!).

Despite being among the first in, the wait is substantial. Not a problem really, although it’s a crying shame there are car keys in my pocket, as there’s a terrific drinks list here.

As the wait goes on, Johnny Cash starts singing Ring of Fire. I hope that’s not in any way prophetic with my Juicy Lucifer on the way.

When it arrived, what struck me first was the compact diameter. Definitely smaller than the promo pictures suggested.

Also, I’m sure the menu said it came with fired up fries, whereas I was given normal ones. That wasn’t a problem, as I found the fired up fries a bit too much last time.

Red’s True Barbecue Juicy Lucifer
The Devil awaits…

Almost immediately, sloppy gloop began running off my burger. Glorious shades of red, yellow and orange. And on top, bacon and onions waiting seductively.

With my very first bite, the burger farted. Never had that before! And a great quantity of its juices exploded out the back.

Taste-wise, I was getting the bacon right away. Also the heat, made up of black pepper and jalapeños was, in my humble opinion, spot on. Noticeable, but not overpowering.

Red’s True Barbecue Juicy Lucifer
The Devil sends the Beast with wrath…

So, onto the rest. Well, with all that dirty sauce and melted goodness, it was always going to be messy. And sure enough, as my fingers found out, it was indeed very messy.

The cheese and mustard was incredibly sloppy, runny and wonderful.

The stuff on top- bacon, pickle and onions, was all succeeding in remaining relevant. I got each and every flavour available.

The tidy little glazed bun was great to look at, tasty and just fit for purpose.

Red’s True Barbecue Juicy Lucifer
Devilishly delightful contents…

And that brings us to the meat. Twin 5oz burgers, lovely and pink on the inside, a bit of fat, lots of prime meat, rough and rugged in complexion and barbecued to perfection.

Even when I started to get full, it was un-put-downable, testament to the development of flavours and textures going on in this.

Another fine burger from Red’s. So what’s next…?

Red’s True Barbecue Juicy Lucifer
Could be a Van Gogh…

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