McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder UK

Review of McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder UK

This is our menu hack post – for our review of the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese please click here.

What they say:

100% Pure USDA Inspected Beef; No Fillers, No Extenders. Prepared with Grill Seasoning (Salt, Black Pepper). Layered with two slices of melty cheese, slivered onions and tangy pickles on sesame seed bun.

Price: £5.98.

Calories: 770 kcal.

WARNING: The following features a menu hack performed by a professional. Please do not try this at home or at your local McDonald’s. Description and nutritional information is taken from McD’s USA website.

One of the most requested menu hacks, the McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is relatively easy to create, on paper at least.

McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder UK

Since McDonald’s dabbled with, and subsequently binned Create Your Taste, customisation has returned to the realms of Mission: Difficult.

Whereas Burger King has the option on the menu to add a patty, with a specific price, McDonald’s seemingly has found that too much customisation leads to too much backlog in the kitchen and hurts the overall speedy experience.

Although there is hope with the recently reported Add Your Twist.

Even at my local branch, which is always very accommodating, it was touch and go.

I ordered what I wanted and the friendly face told me she’d have to charge for two QPs as there wasn’t a button on the till for adding a QP patty (there is for a standard patty).

As the option of buying two and building it myself was always my back-up plan, I agreed. This however pushed the price to nearly £6.

Once it was put through, a manager had clearly had a word and I was told that they’d do it this time but wouldn’t be doing it again – something about “health and safety”.

Now, that I must call out as rubbish. If it is an issue of time management, that’s fine, albeit there were only three other orders on the pass at the time, and nobody else waiting.

However, at about 500-ish calories for a QP plus an extra patty and cheese (but minus the extra bread) this can only come out similar to the Big Tasty with Bacon which is 890 calories.

As adding a patty and cheese is a lot quicker and easier to do than the multiple additional toppings on some of the promo items, there’s no good reason why the Double QP cannot be readily available at about £4.50.

McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder UK

Anyway, I got the thing and that’s all that matters. And it was extremely well made!

The two patties lined up nicely, cheese cornered the way it is supposed to be, and the pickles, ketchup and onions neatly on top.

Hats off to the team for proving to management that it clearly is possible to do pretty quickly.

McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder UK

We all (should) know what a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder tastes like, and there’s a reason why it is a classic – simplicity.

You have the sweet and sour ping of the ketchup and pickles, together with the crunch and tang of the fresh onions, cutting through timeless beef and cheese. Brilliant and the true taste of McDonald’s.

With the Double Quarter Pounder, none of that classic taste is gone, but the whole thing is heightened by the very obviously noticeable extra beef.

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t one of these stupid burgers that you can’s actually eat – it is perfectly sized for fitting in an Admiral-shaped gob.

McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder UK

Biting down through the wondrous toppings and into the thick beef punctuated with cheese, I quickly found myself thoroughly enjoying this – even more than I thought I would – and so much so that I’d happily try it again, even if it does mean buying two and building it myself at the table.

I would just finish by highlighting that the overall score on this one doesn’t accurately reflect the burger in this case. I had to mark it down on price because I was effectively overpaying, but without that, the overall score would be a 9 – putting it well amongst the high street superstars.

McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder UK

So, thank you McDonald’s Crew for being such good sports.

If you ignore our disclaimer above and attempt to get one at your local McD’s, please let us know how you get on via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

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  • 24/07/2019 at 10:22 pm

    Why not buy two double cheeseburgers instead?

    • 25/07/2019 at 5:35 am

      QP are 4:1 meat, double cheeseburgers are 10:1 meat so less burger and more bread?

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