McDonald’s Loaded Fries

McDonald’s Loaded Fries – Australia

Are McDonald’s Australia releasing Loaded Fries?

It certainly appears so. Reddit user patsimenz posted the following image in the Fast Food subreddit.

McDonald's Loaded Fries
McDonald’s Australia Loaded Fries…

Looking at the picture it shows the option of Bacon & Cheese or Guacamole & Salsa.

It seems Bacon & Cheese Fries have been available before in Japan as part of an “American Vintage” promotion.

These were reviewed by our good friends at Travelling McDonald’s and you can see their review here.

A quick check of the Macca’s website doesn’t reveal anything at time of writing so we’re speculating this is a new promotion.

What do you think? Would you like to see McDonald’s Loaded Fries make an appearance in the UK? If so what flavours would you hope to see at your local McDonald’s?

*** UPDATE ***

McDonald’s Australia have started the promotion with a movie-style teaser:

*** UPDATE 2 ***

Loaded Fries will be available at Macca’s from 10:30am on Wednesday 2nd December. You heard it here first!

McDonald's Loaded Fries
Available from 2nd December…

*** UPDATE 3 ***

Here is more information now the McDonald’s Loaded Fries are on-sale to the public.

A picture via Twitter user jlynx1 shows both the fries in all their glory…

McDonald's Loaded Fries
Macca’s Loaded Fries…

Menu information provided by Twitter user haydenasmith:

Bacon & Cheese:

Price $4.25 Single or $7.10 for a Share Pack.
Nutrition 1,760 kj or 421 kcal for Single and  3,510 kj/839 kcal for Share Pack.

Guacamole & Salsa:

Price $4.25 Single or $7.10 for a Share Pack.
Nutrition 1,590 kj or 380 kcal for Single and  3,130 kj/748 kcal for Share Pack.

McDonald's Loaded Fries
Loaded Fries Menu Board…

Promotional packaging via Twitter user ThePeterLim…

McDonald's Loaded Fries
Loaded Fries Promo Packaging…

Promo picture from the website:

McDonald's Loaded Fries

We reviewed something similar to Loaded Fries at McDonald’s Italy – see here.

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2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Loaded Fries

  • 16/12/2015 at 3:43 am

    In a nutshell… don't bother. Just had one of each and all Maccas have managed to do is make the best fries in the world…. into the worst. Unless you like over salted soggy potato served at blast furnace temperatures. Definite thumbs down here.

  • 17/11/2018 at 5:40 pm

    Had these in Spain last October and they are delicious (aka Top fries). Can’t wait for them to come out in the UK as a great snack with a coffee when you don’t have time for a full on meal deal.

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