KFC Sweet and Fire Supercharger

Review of the KFC Sweet and Fire Supercharger

Website: http://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/burgers/sweet-and-fire-supercharger

What they say:

The Sweet and Fire Supercharger combines sweet mustard mayo with fiery 2HOT4U sauce on the original Supercharger – two 100% chicken breast mini fillets with lettuce and cheese on a 7 inch toasted sub. The Supercharger just got supercharged.

Cost: £3.79.

Calories: 615 kcal.

This is the 2013 Sweet & Fire Supercharger review – if you are looking for the 2016 KFC Supercharger review click here.

I wonder if my avid readers (and there are many) will remember the controversial Wonderbra ad campaign from several years ago, which featured the ample cleavage of a supermodel on a billboard……resulting in several vehicular crashes.

Well this Burger Lad® himself was taken in by such flirtatious advertising recently. Only this time it was thanks to KFC’s new Sweet and Fire Supercharger burger sprawled prominently on the side of a bus shelter. And we bring you this review TODAY!

KFC Sweet & Fire Supercharger

I didn’t really fancy this latest KFC promotion to be honest and offered one of the bWo the chance of glory. Most shirked at the responsibility as only one or two of them really have the commitment and stamina required to be a Guest Reviewer.

You can thank a close friend for this latest review. I had resigned myself to letting KFC Bloggin’ cover it but she said to me firmly “What is wrong with you man”, and with that Burger Lad® found a new resolve.

So… the new edition of the KFC Supercharger is called the “Sweet and Fire” – but would it turn out to be dire?

We shot out early to avoid the Kentucky Friday Crowd and it was a good job too as later we saw Fat Slaw oozing out of the Sail Barge. Anyway…

I placed my order and it went something like this:

Cashier: Good afternoon Burger Lad® welcome to KFC can I take your order please?

Burger Lad®: I will have just the Sweet and Fire Supercharger burger only please.

Cashier: Do you want to go large on the drink?

Burger Lad®: Just the burger thank you.

Cashier: Oh sorry Burger Lad® you confused me by saying burger only.

Burger Lad®: Don’t let it trouble you further. *

* This may or may not be an imaginary conversation.

So after a very short wait I trotted off with my tray, thinking that it was a good job I eat a calorie controlled diet otherwise my weight would balloon with this endless supply of reviews.

<KFC Sweet & Fire Supercharger

This ‘long’ burger looked fairly well assembled but the bun didn’t appear toasted and was quite limp.

My initial reaction to the first bite was that it did have quite a kick to it but with my insurmountable palate I wouldn’t call it fiery.

I’d been introduced to the 2HOT4U sauce before so was looking forward to this element – it was noticeable but the real dominant flavour on this was the sweet mustard mayo.

The taste of it was good but just bordered on overbearing and drowned its hot cousin out.

The chicken was the standard mini breast fillets and it all got a bit messy as one of them fell out of the sub-style roll – my mind thinking back to the Wonderbra ad campaign and one of those popping out.

KFC Sweet & Fire Supercharger

I have noticed the lettuce you get in KFC is better than McDonald’s.

It’s a fresher, more generous portion which in combination with the melted cheese meant that this was an enjoyable enough burger from The Colonel but nothing to really write home about. Oh wait…

Perhaps I am a little ‘saturated’ after all the burger bliss encountered in Berlin and with the release of the Great Tastes of the World promotion? I think the best bet is to re-group and come out fighting again on Wednesday when McDonald’s release the Chicago Supreme.

KFC Sweet & Fire Supercharger

In the meantime we’ll leave you with one last shot of the Sweet and Fire Supercharger. It’s an enjoyable release from KFC but I am starting to see a pattern with their limited time burger offers. Chuck some sauce on an existing burger, do some fancy advertising and a new slogan and bang we’ve got a new promotion. They need to up their game if they want to keep Burger Lad® coming back for more.

KFC Sweet & Fire Supercharger

That said… if you’re passing then it is worth trying but I would save your pennies (and calorie allowance) for the Louisiana BBQ from McDonald’s.

If however, you must have a chicken fix then check it out.

It will be interesting to see if Burger King enters the limited time offer merry-go-round – you can guarantee that if they do… we’ll be there!

Burger Lad®