Almost Famous Insane Bolt

Review of Almost Famous Insane Bolt Burger

What they say:

Juicy Double Patty, Rum Glazed Pineapple, Fiery Jerk Chicken, Crunchy Slaw, Creamy Lemon & Herb Mayo.

Price: £11.00.

Calories: Unknown.

This is almost certainly the first review of the new Almost Famous special – the Insane Bolt. Well, I bet the chefs have tasted it plenty but as far as selling to Joe Public was concerned, it’s the first look.

So hot off the press, that I literally only got the promo pic and description for it once I’d started eating. How about that for gold medal winning?

The previous special, El Diablo, brought out for the premiere of Suicide Squad, was still running. And the Insane Bolt was going to have to be something pretty special to follow that – no doubt you’ll have seen the green-hued promos and it does look amazing. Even in a library of outstanding AF specials, it stands out.

So this really was going in blind. Other than it was notionally a Rio special, I knew nothing about it. I could surmise it would be a double cheeseburger, made up of that tremendous Frost blend, in a bun with some sort of Famous wackiness, but other than that, nada. That’s how much faith I put in Famous to make me a good burger.

Almost Famous Insane Bolt Burger
The brand new special: Insane Bolt…

I really would’ve had El Diablo, but it’s apparently due to finish the next day. So by the time you read this, it might well be gone and I wouldn’t do that to you (well maybe I would, but not intentionally).

So I basically begged to have the Insane Bolt, which is to begin with, just a Deliveroo special meaning you can’t have it in the restaurant. But our totally outstanding waitress Lydia had a polite word with the head chef and soon enough the road to Rio was paved with bacon rain. What a star! But I still didn’t know what was on it. Lydia told us it had pineapple and rum sauce, which is sort of in keeping with the Brazilian theme.

I actually thought I’d have to reverse engineer it to work out the contents when the description came through. Double cheese, jerk chicken, lemon & herb Mayo, crunchy slaw and rum-glazed pineapple.

Almost Famous Insane Bolt Burger
Loads of magic mayo on this double cheese…

When it arrived, I must say it wasn’t visually as stunning as the El Diablo, but it turned out it did pretty reasonably match the promo shots – how often does THAT ever happen? Quite impressive.

I could see the pineapple on top of the double patties, as well as the slaw and oodles of that Mayo. There was also something else… that turned out to be the jerk chicken and the source of a fair amount of spiciness that came through the meal – more on that in a minute, but remember for my first few bites I didn’t entirely know what I was eating.

This was the first Insane Bolt to be sold and therefore an exclusive for Don’t say we aren’t good to you…

Almost Famous Insane Bolt Burger
Lifting the lid, lighting the torch…

The bun was just a bun – the same decent serviceable bun used in most Famous burgers. If there’s anything I would change on the menu here, it would be to give customers the option of choosing the pretzel bun (as used on Johnny Drama) if they want.

At the base was that double cheeseburger – I’ve said this in probably all my Almost Famous reviews – while it was better when you could have it cooked medium, this is a great patty. No matter how weird and messy the toppings are, you get a downright tasty burger here and that’s how it should be. The burger may say “Rio” but the patties themselves say “Chorlton”.

Insane Bolt doesn’t quite have the photogenic appeal of El Diablo, but the taste really hit the spot. It was defined by a sweet and spicy juxtaposition, created by the rum, pineapple and jerk chicken. Mayo haters may have a little trouble with this, because there’s plenty of it. It not just bog standard Mayo though – it’s laced with garlic and herbs and is actually rather tasty on its own.

Almost Famous Insane Bolt Burger
Up close: maybe Rio but patties are from Chorlton…

I’m pretty sure every ingredient came through. That certainly doesn’t happen with all burgers. The pineapple was tangy and sweet, and the chicken darkened and spicy. Not super spicy like the suicide sauce at Famous, but definitely not subtle. Again on its own, I found it very enjoyable, and in the burger it added a fabulous palate-cleansing heat that rounded off the flavours in here perfectly.

As with virtually all Famous burgers I finished with gloop all over my hands and a big smile on my face. This is a happy place where the troubles of real life can be temporarily put aside while stomachs and mouths are gleeful.

Almost Famous Insane Bolt Burger
Magic Waffle Fries on the side…

It’s very hard to place this one above or below other Famous burgers because a field of gems is of course full of gems. This was also a gem. Pineapple on a burger can sometimes be horrid, but not here. The combination of ingredients really did say Rio and while Olympic-themed things are going to be awfully contrived for a while, you might as well enjoy them.

You need to get a hold of Insane Bolt while you can. I promise it’ll put a smile on your face, and when it does, just remember you read it first at

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Insane Bolt









  • Standard Famous double cheese base
  • Sweet & spicy combination


  • Mayo mess might not appeal to some

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  • 13/09/2016 at 5:00 am

    I think with the rum glazed pineapple and jerk chicken they were going for the Caribbean theme, not Rio!

  • 13/09/2016 at 6:23 am

    It was an Olympic tie-in though… Hence the name and connection to Rio.

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