McDonald’s Big Flavour Wraps – Wrap of the Day

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McDonald’s Big Flavour Wraps – Wrap of the Day

Big Flavour Wraps:

Spicy Veggie One – Monday & Thursday
BBQ and Bacon Chicken One – Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Sweet Chilli Chicken One – Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Garlic Mayo Chicken One – TBC

Currently unavailable:

Fajita Chicken One

Hot Cajun Chicken One – Was Friday – now discontinued
Fiery Buffalo Chicken – Was Friday – now discontinued
Hot Peri Peri Chicken – Was Monday & Friday – now discontinued
BBQ Pulled Pork – was Wednesday & Friday – now discontinued

Price: £2.99 or £1.99 on Wrap of the Day.

Calories: From 469 to 500 kcal.

OK… originally we were not going to feature the new McDonald’s Big Flavour Wraps on the website – hence why this review is not coming at you on their day of release!

After all they are clearly not burgers, and we are the expert on all things burger-related… not jack of all trades, master of none. So don’t worry… this will not lead to a mass influx of non-burger reviews on your favourite review website.

McDonald’s Big Flavour Wraps
Big Flavour Wraps…

Miss Milkshake thought it would be a good idea to sample all four of the new wraps dubbing it the “Epic Wrap Battle” (more on that later) and when we received a personal invitation plus complimentary vouchers we just had to “live bolder this lunch time” – despite it being an evening tasting session on this occasion. I mention the vouchers now as this has absolutely no bearing on our unbiased and impartial analysis.

McDonald’s Big Flavour Wraps
Don’t order all four at once…

A slight confusion ensued when we placed our order around 7:40pm on Monday evening…

“Can we get one of each of the wraps please?”

“Yes sure. Which one do you want?”

And yes, Miss Milkshake did her very best impression of Gary Oldman’s “Stansfield” character in the 1994 movie Léon: “BRING ME… EVERYONE!!!”

It took approximately ten minutes for us to receive the new wraps and it wasn’t particularly busy. I guess the likelihood of someone coming in and ordering all four at once is pretty low normally…

There’s no way you can really present a decent photograph of the product without unravelling the wrap and that shows in the photos. Each is tidily put together though and fits snugly into its non-promotional packaging.

MM commented that “judging by the box size you think you’ve got a big-ass burrito but the ingredients struggle to fill the tortilla… leaving you with a light lunch instead”. And that’s exactly what they are aiming for with this range.

Anyway… let’s get to the wraps, up first – The BBQ Pulled Pork One.

McDonald’s Big Flavour Wraps
The BBQ Pulled Pork One…

The taste and texture very much reminded me of the “pulled chicken” on the KFC Ultimate Pulled Chicken Burger. A slightly smokey and pleasant BBQ taste with the coleslaw complimenting it rather nicely. Hey and I’m no fan of coleslaw so credit where it’s due…

For me though, I didn’t particularly find the texture to be that appealing and pulled pork is not something I would go out of my way to find on the High Street due to its over saturation in many eating locale now. Maybe three to five years ago this would have raised eyebrows but not in 2015…

Before we move onto the next wrap I previously mentioned an Epic Wrap Battle – the synopsis for this was that MM would review two and I would review two and we’d pit our chosen tag-teams against each other.

That, or we’d briefly write about each of them in turn giving you more than just a one-sided argument. The trouble is that two had mayo and one had slaw so that pretty much ended our plans there and then.

Moving on we tried The BBQ Chicken & Bacon One next.

I forgot to mention above that the new chicken wraps give you the option of either grilled or crispy chicken – an option not presented to us this evening, so we ended up with crispy chicken on the remaining three.

Not a problem, as I actually loved the chicken they use in these. Possibly two Chicken Selects per wrap… but I could be wrong and they are not Chicken Selects. Like I said… expert in all things burger-related.

Inside The Chicken & Bacon One…

The crispy chicken is definitely the best element. You get a slight smokiness from the sauce and bacon rashers although there isn’t a great deal of bacon inside. The mayo you don’t notice which is always good for me and eventually you hit the distinctive taste of fresh tomato (one slice).

Long-time readers will know this is up there as one of my least favourite burger toppings ever, so at that point it was game over for me on this one. Like any subjective review this will depend on your personal preferences but with the inclusion of fresh tomato I wasn’t a massive fan.

Two down and you’re probably thinking “whoever sent those vouchers is probably regretting it now”, but from our experience we know they’d prefer an honest review. Don’t worry… it gets much better!

Next we have The Sweet Chilli Chicken One and this was really rather good.

Things are improving…

The crispy chicken is again, very pleasant and the sauce offers a slight heat which creeps up on you as you make your way through the wrap.

The sweet chilli sauce is never going to be as strong as something like a Blue Dragon dipping sauce but it’s enjoyable and works well with the chicken.

The mayo is non-existent, so for all non-mayo eaters out there don’t be too concerned. Or just hold it… The lettuce is like it is on all of the wraps – just there… but bringing a slight crisp and freshness to the palate. And that works wonders with the cucumber.

To repeat, this is where personal preference comes in. If you like tomato and dislike cucumber you’d probably side with the Chicken & Bacon One, but for me this was much, much better.

Finally we get to The Hot Peri Peri Chicken One. Be warned! This isn’t as hot as you might expect – I’d personally rank it somewhere between a Nando’s Mild and Medium Peri sauce strength at best. This was also the only one MM could try and she added that it has a “noticeable amount of heat which is quite surprising for McDonald’s.”

Saving the best for last…

This is my clear favourite as you get a good heat from the sauce (which I beg McDonald’s to use on a chicken burger in the near future!). We’ve covered the crispy chicken and its good but this wrap is elevated way above the others with the inclusion of cheese and sliced white onion.

If I could only recommend one wrap out of the line-up it would be this one so it might be worth checking it out as a chaser with your regular burger on a Monday (priced at £1.99).

My ranking for the four McDonald’s Big Flavour Wraps would be:

1. The Hot Peri Peri Chicken One.

2. The Sweet Chilli Chicken One.

With The BBQ Chicken & Bacon One and The BBQ Pulled Pork One tied in third or last place depending on your point of view.

McDonald’s are clearly targeting the female demographic (in my opinion) with the Big Flavour Wraps and rotating them at a discounted price on set days is like we’ve seen before with the “Deli of The Day” range. You’ve also got the option to make it a meal with Buxton Water and a Shaker Side Salad at £4.59.

Personally I associate a trip to McDonald’s with getting their core product – hamburgers!

It’s a shame they can’t give what some of the other spectrum of the demographic want and that’s things like Mega Macs or Triple Cheeseburgers!!

But then they would be crucified by the UK tabloids for excessive calories (despite all “gourmet” or “dirty” burger establishments offering burgers that must get close to the 2,000 calorie mark but come out unscathed).

If wraps at McDonald’s are your thing then you won’t have too many complaints with the Big Flavour Wrap range.

I’d certainly recommend the Peri Peri and Sweet Chilli ones but that Pulled Pork just doesn’t do it for me…

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5 thoughts on “McDonald’s Big Flavour Wraps – Wrap of the Day

  • 21/10/2015 at 1:01 pm

    Thank god they're finally using something 'hot' instead of bland spice for the UK. American gets so many great spicy options and ours are usually watered down and very dull. Can't wait to try…

  • 15/12/2015 at 1:56 pm

    P.S. Former recent employee… love this blog. The wraps contain 2x chicken selects or grilled chicken. I prefer the pulled pork without the bbq sauce, try it with mcchicken sandwich sauce. yum.

  • 17/04/2016 at 4:27 pm

    The pulled pork one is usually lovely your one looks suspect tho, try it from a different McDonald’s

  • 10/09/2016 at 6:55 pm

    The big flavour wraps were offered time when I ordered a chicken deli sandwich and was told McDonald’s no longer does them, actually I’ve had the pulled pork one before but the time in question I was offered the alternative of the grilled chicken and bacon it came with bbq sauce and although I liked it the sauce tasted very sugary so even though I had a grilled as a posed to the crispy chicken I think that maybe it was pretty calorific anyway.

  • 28/05/2019 at 5:37 pm

    The big flavor wraps are very nice, but would be better if they where served hot.

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