The Pheasant Pub Worcester Burger Lad

Review of The Pheasant Pub Worcester Burger Lad®


What they say:

We don’t do fast food… we do good food fast. We only use trusted local suppliers with a proven track record for delivering the finest quality produce.

Price: £5.00 as part of “Two 4 Tuesday” £10 promotion.

Calories: Unknown.

This is now the third version of the Burger Lad® burger I have sampled.

The first incarnation was at McDonald’s Head Office during the My Burger final.

Unfortunately, it didn’t make the last five that went on-sale and as reference we’ve included a picture of it at the bottom of this review.

The second version was a secret menu item available from Real Burger and you can read all about that here.

After a glowing guest review by Burger Geek, I was invited to The Pheasant as they were going to create a burger in my honour.

I was asked what my favourite burger toppings are – you see they create a new special every Tuesday so I thought I would give them the opportunity to create a Burger Lad®.

I sent a link to our original My Burger story and very much looked forward to visiting a pub I used to frequent now and then during my occupancy in Ye Faithful City.

Driving up from BLHQ, I wondered just how busy it would be tonight.

The over spill of punters from Cheltenham Races could result in a serious invasion of tweed or, as the pub shows football on TV there could be a crowd if there was a match on.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I arrived to the tune of Cathedral Bells ringing across the City it was pretty quiet inside.

The Pheasant Pub Worcester
Two for £10 every Tuesday…

On placing our order there was a slight confusion on our part.

As you can see from the poster above it states “Two Burgers for £10” – what we didn’t realise is that you have to have two of the weekly specials as any of the other burgers on their menu are not included in this offer.

The Pheasant also have a #BurgerClub every Wednesday and Thursday (6-9pm) where any burger and any drink (from a selection) is £10. Seems a few of the pubs on New/Friar Street are doing this sort of thing as I noticed a “Gourmet Burger” chalkboard outside Drummonds Bar just two doors down.

The Pheasant Pub Worcester

It was the first burger adventure I’d had with Little Gem since The Dragon Salt Beef and we wondered just how this would compare.

Oh… the burgers at The Pheasant come with crinkle cut salted chips as standard but I asked to swap those for peri peri fries which wasn’t a problem (I’m adamant the menu I saw last night said fries not chips).

After a respectable wait our food arrived and it looked very good.

The Pheasant Pub Worcester
Burgers look good at The Pheasant…

Served up on a wooden board the burger looked pretty impressive.

Now I’m certain the menu said fries but basically I had the same crinkle cut chips as Little Gem but with a dusting of peri peri seasoning over them instead.

Blatantly not homemade but nice enough, and complimented the burger well. We’d recommend getting some Sriracha to add to your array of sauces as its popularity in the UK should grow soon.

Onto the Burger Lad®…

For anyone not familiar with this burger I will list the original ingredients for you: Sesame, Chilli & Chive topped bun, Balsamic Grilled Onions, Mushrooms, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Black Pepper Cheese Two Slices, 100% Beef Patty, Chopped Iceberg Lettuce and Pepperoni Slices.

The first thing I noticed was the sheer size of the beef patty they use at The Pheasant.

It was thick, really thick and having cut it to get a cross section noticed it was cooked medium to well done. And to its credit it still retained a lot of juiciness and suffered from no dryness whatsoever.

The next observation was the additional ingredients used to dress the burger.

Now I appreciate that the pub probably dresses all their burgers with the same garnish but this is supposed to be a Burger Lad®…!!

My original burger did not feature fresh tomato, red onion, gherkin spears or a tomato-type salsa…

The Pheasant Pub Worcester
The Pheasant Worcester Burger Lad…

And finally there were no pepperoni slices on it… this sort of reminded me of when we were invited to Ed’s Easy Diner to try their NFL burgers only to have some of the key ingredients missing.

About two thirds of the way into the meal we were asked if everything was OK and as you can imagine the staff were very apologetic about the missing pepperoni.

To be fair to the burger I was served tonight it was a respectable bite to eat. I did enjoy the combination of the mushrooms, balsamic onions and beef.

I don’t believe the mayo was chipotle as it didn’t have that spicy tang and the overall flavour was different due to the tomato salsa and additional salad items.

The balsamic onions were pretty good and definitely worth a mention and despite not being on my original build I did like the salsa.

Back at BLHQ, Miss Milkshake inspected the photos and suggested that they’d been trying to replicate our expertly designed Burger Lad® logo. Maybe that was the case with the burger I had this evening…?

The Pheasant Pub Worcester
Lifting the lid…

I would definitely recommend trying out the burgers on offer at The Pheasant especially with the cracking mid-week offers.

The ingredients were all good, fresh and cooked well and I didn’t have any particular complaints on that front. It was a beast of a burger and I did struggle to finish it. A really thick, juicy slab of beef that will ensure you walk away feeling satisfied.

One major negative comment I have on the experience (ironically I was tweeted by The Pheasant telling me to “chillax” after I arrived).

The opportunity to relax was diminished by two little dogs inside which let out a shrill yapping quite regularly.

At one point I did turn around to see one on its hind legs, paws and face on the table. All I thought was “glad I’m not eating on that table.” But that’s not the pub’s fault really…

The Pheasant Pub Worcester
A thick, juicy beef patty…

If you want to go out for a few pints, watch some football and grab a burger then this is absolutely perfect.

Tonight I enjoyed the burger from The Pheasant even if it was a slight variation on the Burger Lad® concept – shame about that pepperoni too.

We’ve heard a number of people saying they do the best burger in Worcester which I would probably disagree with. But then that’s just my own opinion and us featuring guest reviews gives a different perspective. It’s also why we are the people’s burger website™

In the meantime, here’s a look at the McDonald’s My Burger Burger Lad® – if anyone is up to the challenge of re-creating this as well then please get in touch.

McDonald's My Burger
Unreleased McDonald’s Burger Lad…

Thank you to The Pheasant Worcester for your hospitality this evening and for creating this burger for us, we hope to see you again soon in the future.

Burger Lad®