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Review of Naanster Balti Chicken, Beef Madras, Chicken Tikka and Vegetable Tikka


What they say:

Naanster is a unique and convenient handmade snack that comes in four tasty Indian flavours! Made with freshly cooked naan bread, our Naansters are filled with fluffy pilau rice with a topping of meat or vegetables and smothered in a Tikka, Madras, Rogan Josh or Balti sauce. To finish and complement the entire Naanster, we add a little mango chutney!

Price: £1.99 (RRP).

Calories: Each one approximately 400 kcal.

We were recently contacted at BLHQ asking if we would do a review of the Naanster range of microwaveable snacks. In return we’d get sent some free samples to try, similar to what we did for the Taste Inc. range of microwaveable burgers.

Now I know these aren’t burgers so why should they make the pages at Burger Lad®?

Well a very fledgling website did actually feature a pizza review a long time ago which you can read about here.

Also if any company wants to send us food products to analyse we’ll certainly consider adding them on your favourite burger review website.

But be warned… free products does not equal a good review! That costs cold, hard cash…

Naanster Snack Range…

OK, so we got a very generous number of Naansters to try out and I noticed a reasonable shelf-life on them.

Not a silly amount of time, like say a Rustlers, where you think “what on earth is in them to be able to keep them in a fridge for that amount of time?”

Up first we tried the Balti Chicken – you’re looking at about 90 seconds cooking time for each of these.

Pierce the plastic to let some steam come out etc etc. When it’s cooled down, remove the plastic wrapping, fold the supportive backing card over and you’ve got a meat filled Naan to go.

Balti Chicken…

The Naan is soft without being soggy and the chicken is better than expected. There’s a good ratio of rice/sauce and meat and it was surprisingly good actually.

It’s not greasy and does have a good texture and there’s a nice fragrant spice going on. Not bad!

The Beef Madras was next on our list and the meat definitely wasn’t as “chunky” as the Balti Chicken one.

Meat in a Naan…

Being a bit of a spice head this was probably my favourite of the four and I likened the taste to a Mulligatawny soup. But again very enjoyable all the same and a respectable microwave snack for £1.99.

Inside the Beef Madras…

The Chicken Tikka Naanster has a subtle, slight hint of Indian spice but was definitely my least favourite of the three meat options. Very mild, but again the quality of the chicken is pretty good to be honest.

Cross section of the Chicken Tikka…

I didn’t really like the Vegetable Tikka one as it was just something of nothing really.

If you put it up alongside say the Beef Madras or Balti Chicken products it doesn’t compare. But on a whole, as a range of convenient snacks they were pretty good.

In fact, on one venture to Tesco I recommended a colleague pick one up for her Husband that evening for a snack after 5-a-side football. Can’t say fairer than that can you!?

I would rate Naansters above Pot Noodles, Rustlers, Taste Inc. and other similar-type microwaveable snacks in terms of flavour, quality and calorie count.

Those looking for a quick fix of Indian on the go for two quid won’t go wrong.

Microwave in 90 seconds…

If you would like us to taste test a product then please get in touch via the usual channels.

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