KFC Devil Down

KFC Devil Down – Menu Hack

KFC Devil Down Price: £6.98.

Burger Lad® asked me “do you want to try the Devil Down from KFC?”.

First I said “yes” (obviously) and then I asked what it is. He told me it was one of his own creations, a hot version of the Double Down, which if KFC did Jalapeños would be present here.

So, the very next time I was at KFC I actually wanted the outstanding Dirty Louisiana, but my branch didn’t have it anymore.

I spoke to the very accommodating staff about the Devil Down and they agreed to construct it for me, not that it is very difficult.

The only downside is that the girl insisted it be charged at the cost of two Zinger fillets which makes it a little pricey, but my goodness it was good.

KFC Devil Down

Firstly, my love of the KFC Zinger is no secret. It is absolutely one of the best offerings amongst the high street fast food scene.

Secondly, it was perked up even more by KFC’s Supercharger sauce and lubricated by cheese. The only thing that could have elevated this even more would be Jalapeños… and in retrospect, bacon (BL’s fault for not mentioning it initially).

I was offered pickles instead but declined in order not to cut into the spicy tone of this build.

KFC Devil Down

When it was given to me it looked quite small, certainly not worthy of the near £7 price, but that is sadly the frequent downside of menu hacks.

But although small, it looked neat. It’s a simple build and the sauce gives it a touch of messiness, but it isn’t chaotic. It looks like it’s meant!

KFC Devil Down

Biting in, rather eagerly, I got that classic feel good Zing on the tongue followed by the cheese. The Supercharger sauce kicked in once I got to it and raised the heat a little more.

Of course, it’s not food-challenge hot, but this is a combination that’s a little hotter than average for the high street.

It didn’t take long to finish, and I was of course left with the tantalising Zing. So much so in fact, that I had to go back to the counter and get three hot wings.

My KFC branch is extremely accommodating and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for always being good sports.

There you have it then, the BURGER LAD® KFC Devil Down, the best, the simplest menu hack you’ve never tried. Yet.

KFC Devil Down

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