Coast to Coast Lux Burger

Review of Coast to Coast Lux Burger


What they say:

Our 6oz* burgers are freshly pressed, Aberdeen Angus beef. All served on a sesame seeded brioche bun with fries and a spicy ketchup dip. Our prime burger stacked with rocket, Emmental cheese, garlic mayo, two rashers of streaky bacon, red onion, sun blush tomatoes and dill pickle.

Price: £12.95.

Calories: Unknown.

Coast to Coast is part of The Restaurant Group, which includes Frankie & Benny’s, Garfunkel’s and Chiquito.

As such, there are similarities – immaculate decor, a warm welcome, extensive menus, clean and tidy, decent food and quite high prices.

The host and the waitress were both very welcoming, the former pointing out the new things on the menu. Apparently it has recently had an update, just like its sister establishment, F&B.

The feel of the place is upmarket American diner and they seem to be spread out across the whole country (although the restaurants in Stirling, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh are called “Filling Station”.)

Coast to Coast Lux Burger
Inside Coast to Coast…

As with other Restaurant Group places, there is a shiny, well-stocked and welcoming bar, at odds with the retail park (i.e. car) location.

There’s quite a choice of burgers on the menu, but I decide to go for the Emmental-based Lux Burger. I’m looking forward to see how the different cheese complements the stack.

It also includes rocket, red onion and garlic mayo, which I find to be top-tier burger ingredients. Two tomatoes and pickles are also present, but those aren’t among my favourites.

As I wait, the host explained to me that they have changed the buns and now use toasted brioche – again a top-tier inclusion.

I chose sweet potato fries to go with it, and was told “good choice” by the waitress. Hopefully she is right.

Coast to Coast Lux Burger
Coast to Coast Lux Burger…

When the burger arrives, I note that the presentation is immaculate.

Fries in a little bucket too. And there’s a great smell. All the ingredients are on show – bacon crossed across the burger, rocket poking out the bottom, the Emmental clinging lovingly to the beef and even the small tomatoes look nice. I think I’ll leave them in.

The sweet potato fries are rather good. Nicely seasoned, with that distinct taste that sets them apart from potato fries.

In the first couple of bites of the burger, it’s the bacon that comes through strongest by quite a long way. The garlic mayo makes a shout too.

The rocket and the cheese don’t stand out above the bacon, which is a shame. Further in, I do get the rocket, and the red onion kicks in as well.

Coast to Coast Lux Burger
The trademark “Admiral” shot…

As it turns out, this is a burger that improves as we get further in. Emmental is a lovely nutty cheese, so I wish in a way it had stood out a bit more.

The bun is doing a great job of holding all this in, and the mayo and cheese keep it moist so there’s no dryness in the bite.

Overall this is a decent burger. It doesn’t stand out enough to make me have it again, but I like the place so I’m sure I’ll have one of the others next time.

I’d definitely recommend Coast to Coast – it’s not cheap, but the ambience does exude quality.

Coast to Coast Lux Burger
Ambience exudes quality…

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