McDonald’s BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe

Review of McDonald’s BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe

BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe:

What they say:

Succulent chicken breast fillet in a golden crispy coating with smoky cheese, streaky bacon and Batavia lettuce topped with a smoky BBQ sauce and cool mayo, all in a warm, toasted bakehouse roll.

Price: £3.89 for the burger only, £5.49 as part of a medium meal (subject to variation).

Calories: 605 kcal.

McDonald’s releases the BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe and Bacon Swiss Melt Burger Lad® is back through the drive-thru to bring you a look at the new “Legend” on the menu – for a limited time only…

McDonald’s BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe
McDonald’s promotional picture…

I can’t complain too much about these “safe” promotional items despite not getting a World Cup burger (like the rest of the world) because after all we did get the treat of the My Burger promotion.

Oh and did I mention that I was a McDonald’s My Burger 2014 finalist…? Of course, you can read all about THAT day here.

OK… so we headed to Maccy D’s today in search of the McRib but in our hearts we truly knew it wasn’t going to be there (mainly due to an anonymous tipster saying it definitely wasn’t).

You may be asking why I keep harping on about the McRib but I’ll summarise for you briefly:

1. McDonald’s tested the McRib in Sheffield and you should read about that!
2. The girl at the drive-thru said it was going to be available today (wrong).
3. We get comments on the website such as “Our store will be fitted with a new grill in the near future especially for the McRib”.
4. Today I asked about its availability and I can confirm it is programmed on their tills.

Anyway… we’re not here to talk about that BBQ Pork product (you can see my analysis of the German version here).

We’re here to welcome the mouthful of a name – BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe. Yeah I struggled when placing my order but it was worth it as this turned into quite a pleasant mouthful.

McDonald’s BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe
We like LTO packaging…

So after a brief wait I was presented with my bag of food (I went for a meal today) and found a spot in a local car park to film our latest episode of BLTV which you can see below.

Firstly, I was ultra-impressed with the presentation going on with the BBQ Legend.

Whoever had put this “build” together should be proud of themselves as this was quite possibly one of the best I’ve ever seen (except The Burger Lad which had been made to look like a promotional version).

But seriously this was pretty damn impressive!

The Bacon poked out the bun and looked good. The cheese had obviously just been added (no standing around for this order!) and there was a massive amount of lettuce on-board too!

I even liked the artistic swirl of mayo on the right-side of the tasty looking bakehouse roll.

McDonald’s BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe
Straight from the box…

So how did the BBQ Legend taste?

I’d say the bun was just under the “target” level of toasting but that really did not detract from the enjoyment experienced with this Chicken Legend.

This bakery-style bakehouse roll is a welcome addition to the arsenal of buns available to the big M.

My first bite did give me a bit of a smoky satisfaction – the combination of the bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce worked well together.

McDonald’s BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe
Loads of lettuce…

With each bite you get a definite crispiness from the lettuce which like I mentioned there was loads of. I think it’s that plus the golden crispy coating that gave this burger that crunch impact.

The bacon was good, minimal fat and cooked just right. I loved the cheese today as this had been made to order so had just been placed on the Legend breast fillet.

McDonald’s BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe
The BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe…

The chicken was good quality – white, firm, breast meat and at a relatively low cost offers good value for money.

At a total of 605 calories I do not believe I will be participating again but if you’re after a quick chicken fix at McD’s I’d say this is worth a punt.

The BBQ sauce complimented the rest of the ingredients nicely to reinforce that “smoky” taste throughout and the mayo really was inoffensive and there was the ideal amount as well (some other companies slather the stuff on).

Overall, a pretty respectable burger but I’m going to definitely label it as a “safe” option from my good friends at McDonald’s HQ.

What I (and probably countless thousands of others) would like is just something with a bit of a kick to it.

Common Ronald we know you’ve got jalapeños in that pantry!! And what about that Chipotle Mayo…!?

I think I can speak for a lot of people when we would love to see something just a bit more adventurous with a promotional item.

But at the end of the day we appreciate its business and whatever sells is more likely to feature on the menu. We’ll keep dreaming though!

McDonald’s BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe
Lifting the lid…

So the BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe – it’s an enjoyable burger, fresh, cheap, and if you get one looking like mine, pretty decently presented.

The BBQ sauce works well with the other ingredients to give it a smoky tone and there’s a nice bit of crunch from the crispy chicken coating and Batavia lettuce.

If you’re passing McDonald’s and fancy a bit of chicken you can’t go wrong with this to be honest.

The cheese does have a faint but just recognisable “smoke” to it but it’s not the most obvious of tastes.

End of school report. Good but could do better.

We’ll be back at McDonald’s when these promotional items end – and if anyone wants to tell us what’s coming next, you know where to find me. I’m pretty good at keeping secrets…

A respectable build…

Burger Lad®


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  • 17/07/2014 at 7:49 am

    Reading all that makes me want to try one now. Being chicken sounds right up my street as I love chicken.

  • 17/07/2014 at 7:49 am

    Reading all that makes me want to try one now. Being chicken sounds right up my street as I love chicken.

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