Coast to Coast Jalapeño Cheese Burger

Review of Coast to Coast Jalapeño Cheese Burger


What they say:

Our prime burger topped with Jalapeño cheese sauce and crispy bacon. Served with mayonnaise, rocket, fresh tomato, red onion and dill pickle in a soft white bun served with your choice of fries and a spicy ketchup dip.

Price: £12.95.

Calories: Unknown.

I’ve reviewed Coast to Coast before, so see the Lux Burger entry for a description of the place.

Burgers, they say, are the speciality. If I remember correctly, I found the Lux burger OK-ish, but the Emmental cheese was a bit underwhelming.

So this time I’m going for the burger that has jalapeño cheese sauce – pretty sure that will be anything but insipid.

It also has bacon, mayo, rocket, tomato, pickle and red onion. There should be quite a bit of flavours in this one.

Coast to Coast is open all day, but like its stablemate Frankie & Benny’s, it starts the main menu at 11.

None of this waiting until midday nonsense here. I wish more places started proper non-breakfast food at 11, or even earlier.

I was enjoying a good cup of tea when the waitress came to tell me that the chef was ready – about ten minutes before 11. Yeah!

She also said that burgers are hand prepared on site, not frozen, and are cooked medium. Would that be OK? You’re flingin’ flangin’ right that would be OK.

Same little gripe as last time if I recall. Lovely bar, fantastic bar menu but located on a retail park out of town.

Anyway, I waited a short time for my burger. It arrived with a very substantial pot of Mac & cheese, which is ordered as a side dish instead of fries.

As I understand it, you can have fries, spicy fries or sweet potato fries with your burger here.

Coast to Coast Jalapeño Cheese Burger
A towering inferno…!?

The presentation of the burger was fantastic. A tall tower with its ingredients on display, most prominent of which was the cheese sauce. It was oozing out all over the place. A glorious sight.

Also visible were the rocket – quite a thick serving under the patty; the large slice of tomato which I’d opted to leave in – livin’ on the edge!; the red onion on top and the pickle which I found when I lifted the lid.

Coast to Coast Jalapeño Cheese Burger
Cheese sauce glory…

The bacon was also there. Now, as you know, I do like bacon. This seems to be more the American style streaky bacon, whereas I generally prefer British style back bacon. Leaner for a start. But it is an American style restaurant so fair enough I suppose.

With jalapeños, pickle and red onions, I was expecting this burger to have quite a kick, and it didn’t. A real shame.

The red onions were just noticeable in the background, and I didn’t get the pickle at all. The biggest let down was the sauce though. Yes it looked fantastic. Yes it was certainly very cheesy. But it just didn’t seem to have any jalapeño in it, that I could notice.

Coast to Coast Jalapeño Cheese Burger
Plenty of toppings…

This could well have spoiled the burger and the experience, except for the patty. This actually was cooked medium, it had a good thickness and had been seasoned well.

It was very tasty, especially combined with the nuttiness of the rocket, and this saved the burger.

The cheese sauce made this very hard to eat. It was all over the place. Not a negative by any means. It was messy and fun and yes, it was a good burger.

It would have been better if it had had the expected heat in it.

Coast to Coast Jalapeño Cheese Burger
Inside the Jalapeño Cheese…

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