Burger King Crunchy Cheese Whopper

Review of Burger King Eurotrip Crunchy Cheese Whopper, Spanish Tendercrisp and Amsterdam Steakhouse

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What they say:

Sample a delicious feast with the Crunchy Cheese Whopper. A Whopper base is complimented by a crunchy cheese patty and topped with bacon, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. Ketchup is also included in this Whopper sandwich to give it that added depth of flavour.

Price: £4.99 for the burger or £6.69 for a meal.

Calories: TBC.

We were in London on Monday 24th August to get an exclusive look at the latest limited time offers coming to Burger King. The popular Eurotrip promotion returns today (Wednesday 2nd September) with three burgers, Mozzarella Sticks and Apple Pie Sticks added to the BK menu.

Taking centre stage in the promotional picture is the Crunchy Cheese Whopper and that was the first burger we sampled at their flagship restaurant on Leicester Square.

Burger King Crunchy Cheese Whopper
Another Burger Lad exclusive…

This is a BIG burger! You pick it up and can feel the weight of that Whopper patty alongside the crunchy cheese patty, bacon and salad items.

As you can imagine, with fresh tomato and ketchup on this build, it’s not the sort of thing I would normally order but I was pleasantly surprised by the ketchup. It certainly brings a sweetness to the tray, but certainly not as overbearing as some I have had.

However, the main USP of the Crunchy Cheese Whopper is that cheese patty so let’s talk about that next.

Burger King Crunchy Cheese Whopper
New at Burger King…

When I saw the promotional picture I was unsure how this would work on a burger but it is actually very enjoyable. It’s a deep fried cheese patty which has a crunchy exterior and soft, melted interior that provides a richness throughout.

I’m pretty certain it was Mozzarella and it has a creamy, strong flavour which doesn’t get lost alongside that trademark flame-grilled flavour of the signature Whopper beef patty.

If the beef and cheese isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger there’s bacon on this too. I actually thought the bacon today was a very good effort indeed, probably one of the best from the High Street I’ve ever had.

It had a smoky taste which was stronger than usual and was complimented with a layer of crispy onions on it. Again, this is definitely one of my favourite burger toppings and they offer something different to traditional fresh onion rings.

They work very nicely with the obligatory salad items of lettuce and tomato. The slices of this were huge and very fresh, but after a few bites I had to take them out as I really wanted to enjoy this burger and concentrate more on the cheese patty. My personal preference would be to swap the tomato for crunchy pickles to really play on that “crunchy” name and concept.

Burger King Crunchy Cheese Whopper
Deep fried cheese patty…

The Crunchy Cheese Whopper is an interesting innovation from the King & Co. It certainly ticks all the sensory boxes.

You’ve got the crunchy texture of the lettuce, onions and the exterior of the cheese patty which gives way to a soft savouriness from the cheese interior and beef.

The bacon brings its smoky crispness to your palate and this is all underlined by the sweet ketchup. It’s certainly an enjoyable LTO and if you like the prospect of deep fried cheese on your burger this is the one for you.

I’m assuming this is part of the Eurotrip promotion due to certain European countries eating deep fried cheese?

Burger King Crunchy Cheese Whopper
Burger King Crunchy Cheese Whopper…

Up next is the Spanish Tendercrisp – a chicken burger topped with Salsa Brava, Edam cheese and crispy onions, as well as tomatoes, lettuce and mayo.

Now we really, really loved the Ciabatta Chicken Tendercrisp so this was going to have to be pretty special to compete with that.

The definitive flavour of the Spanish Tendercrisp is that salsa. It’s got a tangy tomato taste, is enjoyable and contrasts with the mayo. Personally I’d drop the mayo from the sandwich and put more of the salsa on it as you get that fruity, sweetness which is then lost by the creamy mayo.

Burger King Spanish Tendercrisp
First look at the Spanish Tendercrisp…

It makes sense to cross-use ingredients and the Spanish Tendercrisp also features those crispy onions which work nicely with the chicken.

Once again you’ve got the standard lettuce and fresh tomato on-board which I had to remove the tomato after a couple of bites. Both slices were very big and recognisably fresh but I find the BK fresh tomato just a bit too strong tasting for me (to its credit that is probably a compliment and more a reflection of my personal tastes).

Burger King Spanish Tendercrisp
Salsa, Edam & crispy onions…

The odd one is the cheese. Edam is a Dutch cheese and certainly not related to Spain so it would have been more fitting to have had something like Manchego, to really give it that authenticity. But as the Amsterdam Steakhouse also has Edam it makes sense from a business point of view to use the same cheese over two of the three Eurotrip promotional burgers.

The bun should have been the ciabatta again (alright, alright I know that is Italian!). I’d say that bun was what defined the earlier Ciabatta Chicken Tendercrisp and comparing the two I’d definitely opt for the Party in the Park offering as my favourite.

But saying that, there’s nothing offensive about the Spanish Tendercrisp and it’s that salsa sauce and crispy onions that were the true highlights for me. They work perfectly with the chicken and for those looking for an alternative to beef this is certainly worth a punt.

Burger King Spanish Tendercrisp
Lifting the latest promotion’s lid…

Now we previously reviewed the Amsterdam Steakhouse as part of the 2014 Eurotrip promotion and you can read our analysis here. That day the burger did not deliver and for 2015 they’ve swapped out the crispy onions and gone with coated onion rings instead.

Burger King Amsterdam Steakhouse
BK Amsterdam Steakhouse…

This was certainly better than the one I had last year and from my original notes I’ve actually said this was the favourite of the three with the BBQ sauce and cheese the main reasons.

As mentioned earlier, this has Edam Cheese which does work very well and is a welcome change from the standard American we normally get.

The onion rings and BBQ sauce work well together like they do on the Rodeo but once again its lettuce and fresh tomato with mayo.

I’d like to have seen just one of the beef burgers to have pickles on it (probably the Crunchy Cheese Whopper) and unlike last year, this had a great amount of bacon on it. Perhaps last time the BK I was eating at was having a bad day? It’s actually closed down since!

Burger King Amsterdam Steakhouse
A big improvement on 2014…

My only further comment on the 2015 edition of the Amsterdam Steakhouse is the inclusion of mayo yet again.

I appreciate that BK pride themselves on the motto “Have it your way” so you could get it without but it really would be nice to get a burger without mayo on just once. Or even a slight variation, say like a chipotle mayo. Just a thought.

As you will have seen from all the pictures they were very well presented today and we can’t thank everyone enough for inviting us down to sample the promotion TEN DAYS before being released to the general public.

We also got to try the Mozzarella Sticks (£1.99 for 4 pieces and £2.89 for 6) which were pretty creamy and dreamy and a special mention to the Heinz Tomato Salsa which comes with them. This was really very good and I’d have to say buy these just for that sauce alone. No arguments from me, a good side as part of the Eurotrip promotion.

Continuing BK’s trend of selling food in sticks/strips you can now get Apple Pie Sticks (two pieces for 99p) which again is not something I would normally order myself but are definitely worth a try – it would have been good to feature a Dulce de leche style dipping sauce alongside these (credit Miss Milkshake for this idea!).

With the return of the Eurotrip promotion it looks like Burger King is establishing its own recurring limited time offers.

Route 66 Roadtrip, Party in the Park, Summer BBQ, Eurotrip and Winter Whopperland seem to be the ones we’ll be seeing on the High Street for the foreseeable future. I just hope that shoe-horning burgers into these categories doesn’t restrict what we get from now on.

Burger King Eurotrip
Burger King Eurotrip…

Burger King Eurotrip is available until Tuesday 17th November 2015.

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