McDonald’s Germany McRib, Western Beef and 1955 Burger

Review of McDonald’s Germany McRib, Western Beef and the 1955 Burger


What they say (via Google Translate so some grammatical errors may be present):


Those who love good flavour cannot avoid the McRib ®. With his inimitable hearty sauce and best pork he throws a really because it says bogged down.

Calories: 470 kcal.

McDonald's Germany

Western Beef:

Western Beef burger with crispy fried onions and smoky Western sauce.

Calories: 290 kcal.

McDonald's Western Beef

1955 Burger:

For the Herzhafticos among you: extra spicy and extra juicy. Spiced beef with tomato and lettuce in a wheat bun with sesame seeds. The whole garnished with grilled onions, bacon, ketchup and smoky BBQ sauce.

Calories: 700 kcal.

McDonald's Germany

Welcome to part three of the Burger Lad® ‘Burgers in Berlin’ tour where we profile a number of burgers we discovered on our recent trip to Germany. Three is the magic number with our final chapter of our tour as we bring you not eins… not zwei… but drei burgers for you!

In 1983, British cinemas featured Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as a triple-bill and as a young lad I went to see this triple feature. It was dubbed ‘A Once-In-A-Lifetime Spectacular’ and it truly was…

Tonight we present you our very own triple bill with a look at three burgers not commonly available in the UK… tonight we present our very own once-in-a-lifetime-spectacular…the McDonald’s Germany McRib, The Western Beef and the previously released 1955 burger.

First up, The McRib – this features on menus around the World now and then as a promotional item but here in Germany it is a permanent fixture.

McDonald's Germany

Now before trying this I had my reservations. I was unsure what the texture of the meat would be like and having previously sampled the Domino’s Pizza Boneless Ribs I was almost put off. However, the Rib-Wich (aka the McRib) looked very much like its promotional picture as we opened up the box. But how did it taste?

McDonald's McRib

We likened the sauce to a Steakhouse BBQ sauce but with a hint of oriental five spice. I was very pleasantly surprised as I expected a jelly texture to the patty but it wasn’t like that at all.

In my original (drunk) notes I described it as “really nice” and the fresh thick cut onions and gherkins really enhanced the sandwich and cut through that rich sauce.

A good start to our triple bill then and it left me wondering if we would see it in the UK anytime soon. Here’s one final look at that McDonald’s McRib…

McDonald's McRib

Next up is the Western Beef – this had been on my radar for a while now and was always on my shortlist to try it because at less than 1 Euro it was well worth a punt.

McDonald's Western Beef

To be honest it looked pretty pathetic especially as earlier in the day we’d been at The Bird sampling the monster known as ‘The Works’ but let’s give it a chance…

McDonald's Western Beef

Basically a plain hamburger with a concoction of crispy onions and a BBQ sauce it actually turned out to be a cheeky little purchase. It was very dry but the sauce just about saved it and we both lifted our eyebrows in surprise at the taste. Yeah not bad and at 99c it was pretty good value.

McDonald's Western Beef

I felt that a little more effort was required on this saver menu style burger and perhaps the addition of a cheese slice of some kind would make it more amicable.

This brings us to our final burger on the ‘Burgers in Berlin’ tour and here we have the 1955 burger. This was has been a special edition burger around Europe and was previously on sale in the UK to commemorate the first McDonald’s being opened in the aforementioned year. To be honest I was looking forward to this one.

McDonald's Germany

Well after The Bird this was a massive disappointment. In fact of all the McDonald’s Germany burgers this promised the most (possibly with the exception of the El Chili Con Carne) but definitely punched below its weight.

McDonald's 1955

The burger looked scruffy in appearance – you can see from the pictures just how dry the patty looked and it was absolutely nothing like its attractive looking promotional picture. OK not many do but really this did not look appetizing at all and if you check out our video you will see my reaction to it, especially when I spotted the ultra-sweet ketchup.

McDonald's 1955

The burger contained melted cheese, bacon, lettuce and grilled onions which were probably the best bit about the 1955 but the overbearing taste was the sweetness from that ketchup. The flavour of it did contrast with what tasted like a fake ‘grilled flavour’ of the patty – almost like a copy of the flame grilled flavour from Burger King.

McDonald's 1955 Burger

Overall I think the three burgers weighed in at about 10 Euros but a whopping 1,500 calories! Luckily as a burger reviewer you only have to take a few bites before consigning the rest to the bin and that was where the majority of the 1955 burger went.

Shame as this was also the year Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future and I’d originally thought about a few puns based around this. Sadly the 1955 is not worthy of being linked with this movie.

There was one final chance of another review when we got to Berlin Schönefeld Airport and there at BK was the X-Tra Long Chicken Spring Curry. At this point I was all burgered out and passed on the opportunity.

Let’s just hope McDonald’s UK don’t bring out that Great Tastes of America anytime soon… oh wait!

Burger King Germany

And for those of you who cannot get enough of Burger Lad® in glorious landscape vision with sauce on his face here is the final video from #burgersinberlin.

Burger Lad®

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