McDonald’s Deluxo El Maco

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Review of McDonald’s Deluxo El Maco – Sweden

What they say:

Can you improve El Maco Grande? Nah not really, but we want to give you more to chew on. Therefore, we are introducing the super grande y magnifico Deluxo El Maco with two lovely meat, peppery salsa, Cheddarsmältost, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, glazed bread and a luxurious Sour Cream & Chive Sauce . Los kollossos.

Price: 64kr for the meal (approx. £5.45).

Calories: 710 kcal.

I was on a mission for Burger Lad® to try the new Deluxo El Maco at McDonald’s and arrived at a very busy restaurant, in the centre of Stockholm, with a party of 9 people. I knew already that I was going to try this burger, so I ordered a large meal that comes with paprika flavoured Shaker Fries.

McDonald's Deluxo El Maco

The food took a while to come and there was the wrong burger in a happy meal (cheese instead of plain), the wrong sauce with the nuggets (sweet and sour instead of curry) and a portion of fries were missing. The queue was 15 metres long so we couldn’t be bothered to sort it out.

When I finally got to try the burger it was actually pretty warm. Good soft bun and double patties that were of a good texture and a little bit juicy to squeeze.

McDonald's Deluxo El Maco

There was a good amount of lettuce and two tomato slices in the middle. I removed one as it was too much. I often think that the Mexican burgers at McDonald’s (released as the recurring El Maco promotion) always taste the same, with salsa on them there isn’t too many other flavours that can break through.

The Deluxo El Maco was a good quality burger and a decent build, even though the bun looked like someone had stuck a finger in it.


Deluxo El Maco









  • Patties
  • Bun


  • Too much tomato