KFC Zinger Fries & Zinger Minis

KFC Zinger Fries and Zinger Minis

Coming soon to KFC UK – Zinger Minis and Zinger Fries!


Launching on Monday 30th January for a limited time only and sizzling its way onto the menu are the new Zinger Minis and Zinger Fries.

The Zinger Minis are mini fillets of chicken coated in the infamous Zinger breading and the Zinger Fries come specially seasoned with a sprinkle of the spicy Zinger flavouring.

KFC Zinger Minis

You can experience the Zinger Minis as part of the Zinger Boneless Banquet including Zinger Fries, drink, side, dip and popcorn chicken from just £6.39 and if you just want the Zinger Fries as a spicy treat, the large portion will cost just 99p – giving a little ‘zing’ back to your purse.

Only available until the 26th February, these will be sure to add a ‘Zinger’ back in your life.

Another BURGER LAD® exclusive reveals the next promotion coming to KFC!

A quick Google search reveals that these have in fact been available before at KFC Saudi Arabia but there was no nutritional information.

What do you think of the Zinger Minis and Zinger Fries? Will you be trying them?

Personally, I can’t wait to try these new sides and at 99p for the fries this is an absolute bargain!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

KFC Zinger Fries and Zinger Minis – coming to the UK from Monday!

You heard it here first!

Remember to check back soon for our review!

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