Hawksmoor Kimchi Burger

Review of Hawksmoor, London Kimchi Burger

Website: http://thehawksmoor.com/

What they say:

A trip to Seoul led to a revelation – kimchi with beef short-rib in a cheeseburger rocks! Served with Triple Cooked Chips, Beef Dripping Fries or an English Lettuce & Herb Salad.

Price: £15.00.

Calories: Unknown.

Hawksmoor knows steak. Perhaps more than anybody else. I’ve had steak at a few of their locations but my favourite, where I am today, is Seven Dials at Covent Garden.

It takes considerable resolve to ask for the bar menu (which includes the burgers) over the regular menu (which includes all the utterly fantastic steak).

The burger choice is the Hawksmoor or the Kimchi. The latter is essentially the same, but with added pickled cabbage. Another day, another burger gimmick.

I’ll go for that though. The choice of cheese is Ogleshield or Stilton. For the sake of something very different on the cheese front, I’ll take the Stilton. Don’t say I’m not good to you!

So, a Stilton, Kimchi Burger with meat cooked by the best in the business. I’ll go for medium.

The beef is Longhorn. Another of the top-rated breeds.

The order is in, and I realise that in this cavernous basement, lighting is an issue so once again I must apologise in advance if any of the photos come out poorly.

Mayo and ketchup on the side, the burger arrives, nearly on a round plate with the chips, which are triple-cooked, whatever that means, but are tasty.

Hawksmoor Kimchi Burger
Hawksmoor Kimchi Burger…

The burger itself looks too neat to disturb. A tidy stack with the Stilton draped adoringly over the meat, which in turn sits atop the kimchi.

The first couple of bites tell me what we all already know. Firstly, that Stilton has an extremely distinct taste, a terrific bite that you either love or hate.

Secondly, the kimchi also has a reasonable kick. In this case I suspect it’s competing with the Stilton and I am sure its presence would be even more apparent were Ogleshield chosen.

Hawksmoor Kimchi Burger
Top quality beef at £15.00…

Thirdly, Hawksmoor knows meat. Despite the cheese and dressing attacking it, the beef stands out as an utter triumph.

The young lad who founded Hawksmoor, and his team are clearly experts in selecting, preparing and cooking meat, and presenting it between two pieces of bread proves no exception.

This is a very good burger. The kimchi is quite a unique and interesting addition, but this would be a very good burger anyway.

Quite apparently it would be a different taste altogether with the Ogleshield and if I’m entirely honest, I think that’s what I would prefer. Less dominating perhaps. Anyone who has ever had Stilton will know what I mean.

Hawksmoor Kimchi Burger
Lifting the lid on the Kimchi…

I’m glad I chose it but it is very distinct. I’d recommend this burger in a heartbeat but I’d suggest starting with the Ogleshield cheese.

Hawksmoor excels at meat. I’d recommend it first and foremost as a temple of steak, but as a burger joint it sneaks up and steals a medal.


Hawksmoor Kimchi Burger

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