Haché Burgers Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes

Review of Haché Burgers Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes

What they say:

Topped with our Chef’s own truffled Gruyère cheese, a sweet balsamic truffle glaze and pickled onions.

Price: £10.95.

Calories: Unknown.

This is my very first visit to Haché Burgers.

Admiral Burgerbar has previously reviewed the Rosemary Lamb Burger and Steak Bavarian and upon revisiting his analysis, I was really looking forward to lunch today at this French-inspired, upmarket burger joint.

Haché is a family creation that is charmingly documented on their website via the Haché family album.

Their love affair with all things French began on holiday in the late 80s which was followed by an opening of a Crêperie in Camden in 1999.

This was a big success, but due to the landlord planning a big restaurant on their site they had to move and re-think their business.

Haché Burgers Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes
Outside Haché Burgers, Camden…

Fast forward to 2004 and a derelict site in Camden’s grungy Inverness Street saw the birth of a new burger concept.

Using a winning formula of quality, locally sourced, fresh ingredients and chic, cosy décor, Haché started to build a reputation.

This exploded on the London burger scene after rave reviews in publications such as The Guardian, The Evening Standard and Time Out London. The result – diners flocking to the Camden restaurant in droves and packing it out on a regular basis.

Since then, the brand has gone from strength-to-strength while still retaining its core values.

Haché Burgers now boast a total of five London-based restaurants in Chelsea, Clapham, Shoreditch and Balham. But it is the “home of Haché” in Camden that I would be making my inaugural visit.

I arrived very much at the end of the traditional British 12 to 2pm lunchtime slot and with a bit of good fortune, a table outside became available.

The little terrace only houses two, two cover tables but for me it was perfect to take in the colourful characters making their way around the Street Market (it’s literally a two minute walk from the Underground station in the shadow of the lively High Street).

Haché Burgers Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes
The menu…

Inside it looks quite dark and intimate with what I think are fairy-style lighting. I could be wrong as it’s pretty sunny out here. The tunes though are funky and the perfect soundtrack for a lazy Sunday afternoon sat out in the sun. I feigned perusing the menu. But I knew what I would be ordering…

The Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes burger was my number one choice for my first foray into the Haché menu. Here you are asked how you would like your burger cooked and I opted for medium rare.

Although I have never eaten here before, I know sitting in this burger joint with an upmarket feel that I am in for a real treat from the “burger connoisseurs”.

After a relative short wait, I was bestowed this beautifully presented burger with the crown bun askew to the rest of the build. The Gruyère looked magnificent.

Haché Burgers Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes
Delight on a plate…

I took my first bite, a near two-year wait finally coming to an end.

My first notes, scribbled frantically as I swapped pen back for burger read “this is a decadently, sexy burger. Some of the best beef in the business without a shadow of a doubt.”

And in retrospect, this was a pretty fair summary of this triumph of a burger.

The soft, buttery beef is cooked to utter perfection. It’s fresh, with a healthy, shiny glaze. Truly beautiful and worth every penny. If you’re anticipating gushing in this review then you are correct.

Back in Cheltenham, we don’t have the luxury of the Tube and being able to sample the plethora of outstanding burger joints on offer in London.

And I don’t particularly like to mention other places in my reviews but anybody thinking The Ridiculous Burger has a good patty should come try this one to get their mind blown.

Haché Burgers Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes
Le Triomphe Des Truffes…

I am slowly becoming more adventurous with my choice of cheese on burgers now and the truffled Gruyère was no exception to my new outlook. It is rich, full of depth from the “truffled-ness” and strikes a really bold flavour on your palate.

It reeks of indulgence and frivolity, it’s outstandingly good. Melted just right, it holds the ultra-fresh, slightly crisp shiny brioche in its rightful place. Magnificent.

The sweet balsamic truffle glaze is incredible too. It’s a sophisticated choice for the discerning burger aficionado and I cannot fault it. I feel like I want… no need more of it. It’s a burger of the highest society and I want it again.

Haché Burgers Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes
A triumph…

After all this decadence you hit the pickled onions which still retain a semi-crispy texture. They are a definite requirement to this build though to cut through the creamy indulgent softness and richness of the beef patty and cheese.

Salad items are actually placed on the plate for you to add at your discretion. I am glad I didn’t add any of the lettuce, tomato or red onion as this burger doesn’t need them. It’s perfect just how it is and in my opinion the salad might have detracted from it.

I’m also glad I opted for the “standard” fries as I didn’t want to experience a truffle overload. The fries are crispy, perfectly cooked with their skin-on and I lovingly dipped them in the Piri-Piri inspired chilli dipping sauce. Very good.

The Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes is an incredible burger and one of the best I have encountered.

Anybody I have had a conversation with since my brief London trip I have recommended to get to Haché as soon as they can.

With their burgers, and it’s a sign of an exceptional burger. Is that if you strip away the bun and all the other toppings and ingredients the patty can stand alone and be considered delicious, and that’s what this patty delivers in abundance.

Haché Burgers Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes
Indulgent, buttery, perfect…

As a destination it works on many levels. Meeting with friends, an intimate date – it’s a really classy establishment offering diners the most upmarket of burgers.

I just cannot believe it has taken me so long to visit Haché. One thing is for certain, it won’t be long before I head to one of their restaurants again!

Simple, elegant and perfectly executed. French-inspired burgers which are full of decadence and a truly exquisite beef patty are on offer here.

They have earned rave reviews for their meat meets chic approach and based on our experience today, it seems that having gained such praise, this small, intimate chain shows no signs of relenting in its quest to deliver top quality burgers and exemplary table service. Top marks.

The Truffle burger is currently available with truffle chips and a flute of Bollinger for only £19.95 at Haché’s Chelsea restaurant.

Burger Lad®

Website: http://www.hacheburgers.com/

Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes









  • Brilliant beef patty
  • Rich and indulgent toppings
  • High quality, cooked perfectly


  • (At a push) burger too small

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    I work not far from the Shoreditch branch of Haché. I think I need to go and get myself one of these ASAP – it looks amazing and glad to hear it tastes just as good!

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