Haché Burgers Steak Bavarian Burger

Review of Haché Burgers Steak Bavarian Burger

Website: http://www.hacheburgers.com/

What they say:

At Haché we give you the choice of a fresh ciabatta or fresh brioche bun served with roquette, beef tomato and sliced sweet red onion. Smoked Bavarian cheese and caramelised onions.

Price: £9.95.

Calories: Unknown.

Burger Lad® has always claimed to be the people’s burger website™ – a place where you can find reviews on HSB (High Street Burgers) and other Urban Burgers. 

So it gives me great pleasure to introduce our very latest guest review from Andrew when he visited Haché in Shoreditch, London.

With that I will pass you over…

Every now and again, an item of food comes along, which is so good it’s almost impossible to describe without expletives. But I’ll try.

In this case today, it is the Steak Bavarian at Haché Burgers in London.

Haché is a small chain of four locations across the capital, and its burger menu consists of beef, lamb, pork, chicken and vegetarian options.

The décor plants it squarely at the gourmet end of the burger spectrum, which is just as well, as the prices do too. A burger, fries (charged separately), a beer and the service charge gave me pennies back from £20.

But my god it was worth it.

Haché Burgers Steak Bavarian Burger
Haché, Shoreditch…

After significant difficulty, and some help from the waitress, I chose the Steak Bavarian. A cheeseburger, essentially, with German smoked cheese, caramelised onions, tomato, rocket and their burger sauce.

A good burger place will ask you how you want your meat cooked and, in my view, the correct answer is medium.

So, a short wait enjoying my beer, and my burger arrived.

A lot of thought had clearly gone into the presentation. The fries were served in a neat little metal basket, while the burger itself had its top knocked slightly askew, displaying the wondrous contents and letting the smell of the smoked cheese be the second thought to hit my senses.

Haché Burgers Steak Bavarian Burger
Steak Bavarian…

The first, by the way, was the shiny brioche bun in which this is served. Haché offers brioche, ciabatta or non-bun options for its burgers.

So, burger in front of me, and senses heightened, I picked the thing up and took a bite.

It is not small, and there was some slide. I feel it had just the right amount of sloppy “dirtiness” though, and a second bite was not far off.

Several fabulous bites later and it was time to try the fries. Thin, crispy and pretty tasty. They don’t stand out particularly but suited the burger very well. Sweet potato fries are also offered.

Back to the burger though. The beef was great. Nicely seasoned, juicy and perfectly cooked. And a stocky chunk of meat it was too.

Haché Burgers Steak Bavarian Burger
Our new half devoured shot…

Besides the generous amount of smoked cheese and the gooey caramelised onions, the house burger sauce complemented the stack well. Just a hint of heat to it, without overpowering the other flavours.

It was a big meal by my standards, but did not take long to finish. When desserts were offered, there was just no way, sadly.

In summary, the best burger discovery for a long time. Next time I’m in London, I’ll be back to try the lamb and/or Reblochon concoctions.

In my view, it goes straight to the top, second only to the cheeseburger at the Admiral Codrington.

Thanks Andrew for this cracking review. If you would like to send us a guest review please get in contact.

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