Haché Burgers Rosemary Lamb Burger

Review of Haché Burgers Rosemary Lamb Burger

Website: http://www.hacheburgers.com/

What they say:

Premium hachéd English shoulder of Lamb, infused with garlic and rosemary. Topped with mint yoghurt.

Price: £9.95.

Calories: Unknown.

I’ve been to Haché before, having the Steak Bavarian in Shoreditch.

This time I’m at the Camden branch. Haché still hasn’t broken out of the M25. Perhaps it never will. For a lot of people, the UK starts at Charing Cross and ends at Watford.

What that means for those of us visiting from outside the capital is a huge amount of choice, not seen in our own towns and cities, but without the expense and hassle of living there all the time. A bit like visiting a great foreign destination.

Haché Burgers Rosemary Lamb Burger
Outside Haché…

When I arrive, the restaurant is empty. It’s early.

I’ve eaten a lot of beef burgers lately and I vowed the last time that I’d have the lamb. Slam in the Lamb, as those of you over about 30 might recall.

I get the only table entirely outside. It’s on a side street away from the main bustle of Camden and it’s very pleasant.

Putting in my order, I’m told the recommended cooking is medium, with which I cannot argue.

I can’t actually smell the lamb cooking in the kitchen but I can certainly imagine it. Mmmmm. This is going to be good.

Haché Burgers Rosemary Lamb Burger
What’s on the plate at Haché…

Haché’s house style is to have the top hanging off and on this burger it allows a great sprig of rosemary to be draped seductively across the top.

The other thing I notice before tucking in is the giant slice of tomato underneath it all. I’m afraid that’s going to have to be chucked.

When I pick it up, the brioche bun is very firm. Solid even. It’s going to hold everything together well.

Haché Burgers Rosemary Lamb Burger
The Rosemary Lamb Burger…

Before I get stuck into the burger I have a taste of the sweet potato fries I’ve ordered as a side dish. Wow! These are great. A fantastic colour, exceptional crispness and a wonderful taste that makes it impossible to put them down.

The burger itself has a delightful crunch courtesy of the red onions and the toasted bun. From bite to bite though, there is no mistaking this is lamb.

Haché Burgers Rosemary Lamb Burger
This is LAMB…

With all the hoohah surrounding the return of the McRib to the UK, I wonder if perhaps we are so focused on getting pork back onto our fast food menus that we are losing sight of the fact that some of the very best burgers are made of lamb.

The smell certainly beats all other meats, in my humblest of opinions.

Haché Burgers Rosemary Lamb Burger
Fries before Guys…

This burger has a substantial amount of sauce – mustard / mayo – that nibble at the palate. But it is the lamb and rosemary that win out. This is a LAMB burger and the LAMB just isn’t going to let you forget it.

Overall, I’m impressed. Haché throws up yet another good burger and my faith in the relatively rare lamb patty is confirmed.

Haché Burgers Rosemary Lamb Burger
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