Burger King Spain Menu Prices

Burger King Spain Menu Prices

If you are looking for Burger King Spain Menu Prices you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you are planning a holiday to Spain and want to know how much your BK favourites are when you are away?

Below we have the full menu and price list for Burger King Spain.

All prices are subject to variation based on location and you can expect to pay more at Airports etc.

Burger King Spain Menu Prices

BK Snacks

Price (€)
King Onion Rings x 72,30
King Onion Rings x 102,50
King Onion Rings x 132,70
Chili Cheese Bites x 62,50
Chili Cheese Bites x 93,60
Chicken Wings x 42,30
Chicken Wings x 83,90
Chicken Nuggets x 62,50
Chicken Nuggets x 93,60
Chicken Nuggets x 206,00
Chicken Delights x 42,30
Chicken Delights x 83,90
Snack Cube7,49

BK Menus

Double Whopper5,408,20
Whopper Jr.3,556,55
Big King XXL5,808,40
Big King3,996,90
The King Egg6,458,70
The King Egg (Single)5,858,10
The King Bacon6,458,70
The King Bacon (Single)5,857,99
Double Cheese Bacon XXL5,808,40
Double Cheese Bacon4,207,20
Double Cheeseburger BBQ3,556,55

BK Gluten Free

Gluten Free Hamburger3,004,95
Gluten Free Cheeseburger3,204,95

BK Chicken

Chicken Tendercrisp5,208,20
Long Chicken4,206,99
Chicken Wrap3,806,80
Crispy Chicken3,806,80

BK Salads

Price (€)
Original Salad3,55
Crunchy Chicken Salad & Cesar Sauce3,55
Salad with Crispy Chicken5,55

BK Fries

Classic Fries2,702,502,30
Supreme Fries2,702,502,30

BK Drinks

Diet Coca-Cola2,752,502,15
Coca-Cola Zero2,752,502,15
Cola-Cola Zero No Caffeine2,752,502,15
Fanta Orange Zero2,752,502,15
Fanta Lemon Zero2,752,502,15
Aquarius Zero2,752,502,15
Mango & Tropical Smoothie2,752,502,15
Nestea no Sugar2,752,502,15
Beer (non-alchoholic)2,15
Mineral Water1,80
Don Simon Tropical1,10

BK Extras

Add Cheese+ 0,60
Add Bacon+ 0,50
Medium Meal- 0,30
Giant Meal+ 0,50
Add Salad+ 0,50
Ketchup+ 0,50
Honey & Mustard Sauce+ 0,50
Barbecue Sauce+ 0,50
Cheese Sauce+ 0,50
Mayonnaise+ 0,50
Mustard+ 0,50
Tomato Salsa+ 0,50

BK Desserts

Oreo Golden Chocolate White Shake2,79
Nescafe Shake2,79
Oreo Shake2,79
Oreo Shake Chocolate2,79
King Fusion Kit Kat2,49
King Fusion Brownie2,49
King Fusion Oreo2,49
BK Sandy Caramel1,90
BK Sandy Chocolate1,90
BK Sandy Strawberry1,90
Ice Cone1,00
Brownie with Ice Cream2,50
Hot Waffle2,25
Café Espresso1,15
Café Macchiato1,30
Café Latte1,30
Café Capuccino1,30
Café Americano1,30
Chocolate Caliente1,30
Café Descafeinado1,30

BK King Jr Meal

Chicken Burger3,95
Chicken Nuggets x53,95

The price list above was collected March 2019.

Burger King Spain Menu Prices

As of writing, the current exchange rate is:

€1 = £0.86 (UK)
€1 = $1.13 (US)

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