Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole

Review of Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole

What they say:

Beef patty, Spicy Chipotle Marinade, Homemade Guacamole, Chorizo, Jalapenos, Cheese, Onion, Tomato & Lettuce.

Price: £8.50.

Calories: Unknown.

It’s time to revisit Filthy Cow in Manchester, on the day the latest special is launched.

And given that we were in at 12 on the dot, this was probably the first commercially available one. And as it turned out, this Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole was the first special cooked by new chef Jonathan.

There are lots of ingredients in here, chief among which were the guacamole, which lends the burger part of its name, and the soft floaty texture that we all know; and the chipotle marinade and jalapeños which comprise the “holy” part.

So essentially you’ve got a fairly typical hot and cold juxtaposition, but instead of the usual hot sauce / mayo combination, here the green is cool.

And while we are on the topic of slight variations to the norm, the classic bacon topping is replaced here in favour of chorizo – similar notion but different execution.

And all of this is built around Filthy Cow’s patty, supplied by Manchester’s Birtwistles and cooked medium.

Cooking burgers medium is best, but these days requires a lot more work before the patty hits the grill.

We had a considerable conversation about the current FSA guidelines causing many a burger joint to have to give you well-done burgers.

The bottom line seems to be this – if the restaurant and its supplier are willing and able to go to the expense of meat testing and administration required, you can still get it medium or rare. If they aren’t, you can’t. This applies to minced meat (i.e. burgers, but not steaks).

Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole
All wrapped and ready to go…

As we waited for this burger to be made, chatting with Jordan, I also noticed little leaflets advertising Filthy Cow’s new weekend brunch offering which starts this week.

But back to the burger, other than the main ingredients discussed above, there’s also lettuce and tomato, which as usual will look good but won’t add a lot to the flavour.

It did take quite a while to come, but chef Jonathan probably wanted to get his first one spot on, while Jordan was sorting out all the new flyers for the new burger.

Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole
Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole…

Anyway, when my Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole arrived, in the usual FC wrap, it was obviously a bit taller than other offerings I’d had here.

The presentation was picture perfect, and considering they’d only had the professional photographer in the day before doing the promo shots for this one, it was likely still fresh in mind.

It was correctly pink in the middle of course, with an immediate but gentle heat from the chipotle, which built with each bite, courtesy of the large number of jalapeños in there too.

By the end it was a very respectable spiciness in my mouth, adequately dealt with each by the beer.

Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole
Plenty jalapeños to keep you happy…

And it wasn’t just the jalapeños. There really was no skimping on ingredients at all, and although the guacamole tried to counter the heat, it failed.

Maybe it’s not meant to wipe out the heat – I suspect it worked just as it is intended. It’s a spicy burger, but not stupidly so.

The red onions scattered around were fresh, crunchy and tangy, while the guacamole and cheese were soft and squishy between the teeth.

Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole
Close up with the latest special…

As ever, a burger succeeds or fails on the strength of its beef patty and here we’ve got a good thick patty, cooked perfectly, seasoned well and coarsely ground – one of the better ones in the business regardless of what is put on it.

The Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole may not end up being their biggest seller, but it’s probably the biggest and the spiciest they have had.

It’s well worth a visit to give it a try, particularly when there’s a new and heavily expanded drinks menu to go along with it!

Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole
Hot, cool and pink…

Admiral Burgerbar


Holy Guacamole









  • No mayo
  • Generous jalapeños
  • Chorizo


  • Could be more exciting
  • Cheese gets a bit lost

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    This must be the best burger I’ve ever known. So yummy! Thanks for sharing!

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