The Wild Game Co. Classic Venison Burger

Review of The Wild Game Co. Classic Venison Burger


What they say:

Venison burger, caramelised onions, slow cooked cherry tomato & our homemade sauces.

Price: £6.00 + Cheese 50p + Beef bacon £1.00.

Calories: Unknown.

Right, the London burger scene seems to grow out of street vendors making enough money to open premises then growing from there.

Wild Game Co. is no different. Andy Waugh has opened a restaurant in London’s Fitzrovia, selling meat from his family’s estate in the north of Scotland, UK.

Outside the place is a massive stag, yet to be named. You cannot miss it. Inside there’s sadly no alcohol licence yet but they do have Irn Bru.

The Wild Game Co. Classic Venison Burger
Inside Wild Game…

The burger today is the Classic Venison Burger. There’s also a beef burger and a 50/50 option.

The place is not just a burger joint and has quite a selection of steaks, with the meat coming from Andy’s family estate in Scotland, UK.

Getting to the burger itself, it’s presented in a neat seeded bun that does a great job of holding everything in. It didn’t blow me away but it is strong and tough and pretty substantial.

Inside is a venison patty lovingly covered in onions. It’s a great burger.

Right from the outset, the venison makes itself known. It is a rich meaty affair as you would expect, but without any adverse preconceptions one might have with this sort of meat.

The Wild Game Co. Classic Venison Burger
The Venison burger with Stovies…

It’s presented very simply, with well-chosen toppings. Lovely cheese, very generous amounts of onions, all of which add just the right amount of flavour to an excellent burger.

And that brings me to the meat. Medium cooked fantastic venison. If you’ve never had venison then you need to, and you’d be well advised to do so here – a rich, hearty greatness that warms the cockles.

Wild Game Co. is worth a visit if you’re interested in meat, whether or not specifically burgers. The owner prides himself on the origin of the meat which is a family herd, so no questionable origin here.

The Wild Game Co. Classic Venison Burger
Up close, my deer…

Burger-wise I can’t speak highly enough of it. Amazing! The taste was so moreish, requiring a second bite to every first.

Venison is often a difficult meat to get right without becoming incredibly overpowering, but here it is done absolutely perfectly and not only that, but it was stuck in a burger with no gimmicks, a perfect amount of garnish and all to create a little bit of Scottish heaven in the heart of the capital.

The Wild Game Co. Classic Venison Burger
Looking into the Venison…

For a part of the meal, owner Andy Waugh, a young, cheerful and enthusiastic entrepreneur, joined me. He chatted about the business, about the food and its origins. This is a man who knows his meat and his pride and enthusiasm shines through with every sentence.

Everyone at Wild Game was extremely welcoming, except the stag, who just stared blankly when I tried to strike up a conversation.

The Wild Game Co. Classic Venison Burger
Andy on Stag…

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