Barnhouse Bistro Steak Burger

Review of The Barnhouse Bistro Steak Burger


What they say:

Here at The BarnHouse Bistro, we are passionate about Street-food. We bend over backwards to bring you the highest standards of food, at street prices.

Price: £5.00.

Calories: Unknown.

We’re off on the street food trail again. This time a little Manchester stall that I’ve been trying to track down for a while – Barnhouse Bistro.

It attracted my attention with their liberal use of cheese. Cheese-stuffed burger patty completely cloaked in cheese. The pictures sent out over social media are certainly very easy on the eye.

Anyway, I finally tracked him down to the Lowry Outlet mall in Salford, which hosts a monthly market of sorts in the re-vamped Quays area, surrounded by TV studios, offices, plush apartments, oh and some little known football team called Manchester United.

Barnhouse Bistro Steak Burger
Cute little cart run by Father and Son…

All good stuff. The little BHB truck/stall is tiny. I walked past it without even noticing the first time. But I got there in the end. All street food traders who move around really ought to maintain an up-to-date calendar on their websites.

So I went over to the stall only to be crushingly disappointed.

The stuffed burger is only done at “big” events according to Mr BHB Sr, with whom I enjoyed a good old chinwag. This Lowry thing obviously wasn’t “big” enough so no stuffed burger for me (nor will it be at the upcoming Gloucester Quays Food Festival).

Barnhouse Bistro Steak Burger
Look at that bun, just look at it…!

Very disappointing, so it was a choice of one – the Steak Burger for £5, which I got. It was made fresh in front of me – not a complicated build, – patty on grill, cheese on top, bun cut in half, sauce spread on bun, cheese-cloaked patty on bun. That’s it.

But it’s the ingredients that make this one stand out.

Barnhouse Bistro Steak Burger
The Steakburger, looks simple, tastes brilliant…

The patty mix is marvellous. Such is the joy of being able to watch the thing take shape. In its uncooked state I could see the respectable fat content and its knobbly chunky texture carried throughout the cooking. The meaty taste of this thing was excellent.

The cheese cloaking was simply a point of putting a decent thick slice of cheese onto the patty at the right time. Surprising how many places just don’t get that right.

Although it must be pointed out that the photogenic cheese cloak so easily identifiable in the social media photos, was not exactly recreated in real life. So often that’s the case.

Barnhouse Bistro Steak Burger
Cooked from scratch in-front of my eyes…

But the crowning glory here was actually the bun. It’s a Jalapeño cornbread and it gives this distinct and pleasant heat throughout the eating. It works with the peppery seasoning (which I also got to see from the outset) and the sauce.

And the size is quite small. Not tiny but very manageable without calorie overload. Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed this and it didn’t last long.

The lovely heat and beefy hit lingered in my mouth for a long time after. This was a good burger and only makes me want the stuffed one even more.

Barnhouse Bistro Steak Burger
Cheese on patty – again simple, but perfect…

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