Loxley’s Gourmet Rump Steak Burger

Loxley’s Gourmet Rump Steak Burger

Website: http://www.loxleysrestaurant.co.uk/

What they say:

…with Hand Cut Chips, Toasted Sour Dough Bun, Caramelised Onions, Pancetta, Colston Bassett Stilton and Crispy Gem Salad.

Price: £11.95.

Now I was going to load this review with a ridiculous amount of Shakespeare puns. We were going to the RSC that day to see Hamlet but having savoured this absolute delight of a burger I’ll have to show it the respect it so richly deserves. Let’s get this out the way now. This burger could quite possibly be my favourite burger so far. A bold statement indeed while sat in Shakespeare Country.

On this latest culinary caper I was joined by a friend and it was her pick of restaurant so I could tell she was feeling the pressure. We were also slightly rushed due to the performance starting at 13:00 so just how did Loxley’s manage to measure so high on the burger barometer?

It was very quiet when we were warmly welcomed to the restaurant and despite booking were told to take our pick of the available tables. I like this. It was very light inside, traditional with a touch of glam and I noticed a wood-burning stove over on the adjacent wall. Exposed beams, chandeliers, stone tiled flooring and seating arranged over two floors made this an excellent choice.

We kicked off our pre-matinee lunch with two large glasses of Rioja and a selection of warm breads and olives. These were served on a modern slate serving platter and were a welcome touch as we had skipped breakfast.

When I ordered my burger I was asked if I wanted it pink or well done. Pink or well done, that is the question. Finding this is quite a ‘rare’ option (outside of London) so obviously I went with pink and I loved the fact you had the choice.

It took a while for the burger to arrive but after taking my first few glances I knew it would be a box office hit.

Right… the burger came served on a familiar wooden plank but it was presented with the salad and caramelised onions on the side so you had the option to dress it yourself. Well I was slightly confused as the burger already had fried onions on it and here was an additional pot of confit-style onions.

Anyway what did that matter when I was staring at what looked like a masterpiece of a burger? You can see exactly how the burger was delivered to me here.

Loxley's Gourmet Rump Burger

Oh my goodness. How good does that look? Let’s take a step back just for one second and take a look at the entire plank from Loxley’s in all its glory.

Loxley's Gourmet Rump Burger

From left to right we had lettuce, gherkin spears, fresh tomato all covered in a creamy salad dressing. It all looked ultra-fresh and I was looking forward to introducing them to their meaty host. Next up the burger and what was lurking under that toasted sour dough bun…

Loxley's Gourmet Burger

The beef was loaded with fried onions, the stilton and that gorgeous looking pancetta. I literally threw the gherkin spears at the burger like a crazed savage then apologised by blanketing both with the crispy salad leaves. This resulted in this stack of mouth-watering components which I confess may just be my new favourite!

Loxley's Gourmet Rump Burger

This was a magnificent burger!! After all the players were on the beefy stage I took my first bite. Amazing! I really cannot explain just what a euphoria it was to eat this. Loads of lovely juice ran from the patty when I bit into it. There were flecks of pink scattered around and I found myself devouring it while trying to maintain a polite etiquette. It was just cooked to utter perfection.

Loxley's Gourmet Rump Burger

You got the lovely smokiness and crispiness of the pancetta, the beef was of the absolute highest quality and at under £12 I thought it was an absolute steal. The stilton worked really well with its sharp taste complimenting the buttery flavour of the meat. My friend took a bite I could tell as she too was impressed with this King of Burgers.

The fried onions were smooth and sexy and that confit-style onion relish had a slight tomato taste to it I believe. Despite the size of the stack and the tender meat juices flowing freely I was impressed with how the bun coped with this Stratford Stunner. As a burger this is definitely box seat worthy and the well-thought out toppings give it an edge, worthy of backstage passes.

I asked the friendly waiter where they source their meat from and was told they receive daily deliveries from Aubrey Allen. You only have to check their website to see the glowing testimonials. I suggest you check them out too. Tell them Burger Lad® sent you! http://www.aubreyallen.co.uk/

One thing for certain is I would never have had the stilton before but by having this website it really pushes me to try new things. I am so glad I did because the marriage of beef with the stilton and onion was a complete delight. I mentioned it earlier but it hit you straight away and acted as the perfect counterfoil to that rich, buttery, creamy beef.

This burger was worthy of a standing ovation and I would go back to Loxley’s in a shot for an encore! In the meantime I recommend visiting Stratford-upon-Avon and trying this burger beauty – you will not be disappointed by the performance!

Before I leave you let’s take one last look at that stunning show today…

Loxley's Gourmet Rump Burger

We even saw this in the programme notes during the interval…

“What a piece of work is this burger! How noble in stature! How infinite in beefiness! In form and feeling how express and admirable! In action how like an angel! In apprehension how like a God! The beauty of the burger, the paragon of all food!”

Loxley's Gourmet Burger

Overall the Loxley’s Gourmet Rump Steak Burger is currently up there with the very best of burgers I have had so far but this is only just the start of the saga! Be sure to follow us or check back as we take you on a burger adventure in the 21st century.

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