Mother Flipper Cheeseburger

Review of Mother Flipper Cheeseburger


What they say:

Flippin’ tasty burgers cooked fresh on the street!

Price: £6.00.

Calories: Unknown.

Mother Flipper is one of several names that pings up on the Internet in places written by London writers for London readers.

It isn’t in a permanent location. It’s a market stall and therefore pops up at markets, obviously, and other such events.

It’s very highly regarded by the London bubble and thus far, has been hard for me to track down. But finally I found it.

So I put on my Street Food hat and wandered off south of the river to Brockley Market in Lewisham.

Now, first things first, so you don’t get caught out, this is a market in a car park in a residential area. No toilets. And no cafes or shops to use either. Plan ahead!

Like a lot of places south of the river, it’s a pain to get to, not least due to construction works at London Bridge station. But I got there.

The market was well stocked with amazing looking and interesting food. It was almost a shame that I was here for another burger.

Mother Flipper is well geared up for busy events and long queues. It’s a slick operation. Order at one side of the stall, pay, take a numbered ticket and wait for the number to be called at the other side.

Mother Flipper
Slick operation at the stall…

Behind the counter, each of the four people had a distinct job to do. Very slick. And there was a lovely smell coming from the grill. I was glad I came.

I decided to have their basic Cheeseburger. Each of the options is sold on a light shiny brioche bun with their 28-day aged chuck, cooked medium. It’s a wonderful patty.

Mother Flipper Cheeseburger
Laptop eating…

The patty shares the space between the buns with lettuce, red onion, pickles and cheese as well as condiments like ketchup and mustard (I think – there’s no written description).

I collected my order, served on a paper plate, and wandered around looking for somewhere to sit. Options were extremely limited. I eventually found an edge of a low wooden bench and perched there with my burger on my knee.

So, photography was difficult, but on the upside, it was outdoors on a bright day.

Mother Flipper Cheeseburger
Near cheeseburger perfection…

There was plenty cheese on this cheeseburger. It was the perfect colour for this sort of thing and had been melted just right over the patty.

The pickles and the red onions gave their distinct sharp bite, softened slightly by the lettuce that sat amongst them.

I could have done without the pickles actually, but that’s just me. They weren’t too thick and most people would like them.

This was quite a small, but tall burger, courtesy of the thick patty which was the defining feature of this burger.

Mother Flipper Cheeseburger
Mother Flipper’s Cheeseburger…

Chuck is often chosen for its flavour and ageing is used to strengthen it. They aren’t always done, of course, but Mother Flipper does, and what to get is a flippin’ tasty burger, just as advertised.

The taste want necessarily unique, but it was close to cheeseburger perfection. Inside the pink zone, you could see the grains of coarsely ground beef just before you wolf it down. Lovely.

Mother Flipper Cheeseburger
Simply delicious…

I’m not sure if Mother Flipper has a calendar on their website – specific street food can be difficult to find. But besides Brockley Market, I believe they are periodically at Kerb events, as well as the larger Street Feast London events,

Well worth finding them. As well as this cheeseburger, there are a number of more adventurous offerings!

Mother Flipper Cheeseburger
Gloriously aged chuck…

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