Burger King Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp

Review of Burger King Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp – Summer BBQ 2016

What they say:

Full of flavour! With jalapenos, nachos and a 100% chicken breast burger on a brioche bun.

Price: TBC.

Calories: TBC.

Burger King have released the Summer Barbecue promotion for 2016 which is now the third consecutive year they have run this limited time offer.

And, with the majority of BK’s promotional burgers there are two beef and one chicken option. And up for review we have the Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp.

Burger King Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp
BK Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp…

Ironically, we were driving to Burger King to sample some of the new Summer Barbecue menu in a torrential downpour of rain. But of the two I was going to have from the new line-up, it was this burger I was actually looking forward to the most.

Since I first tried the Ciabatta Chicken Tendercrisp this has been my favourite High Street chicken patty.

And with the promise of jalapeños and nacho chips I was full of optimism despite the typically British “summer” weather.

And I was not disappointed with the Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp. It’s a tidy looking build and when you unwrap the Tendercrisp packaging you’re presented with a really distinct smell of the pickled, sliced jalapeños.

Burger King Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp
A tidy and slightly spicy build…

You’ve got the standard issue mayo, lettuce and tomato which is just starting to get a bit boring now… but I can’t see it going away or changing soon.

Alongside these recurring elements you have a good standard of nacho chips which are strategically placed on-top of the patty, cheese and jalapeños and under the salad items.

What you get then, is a bite through the brioche bun (we talk more about that in our Gold Angus Supreme review) and fresh salad to hit on the crunchiness of the nachos before encountering the softness of the chicken and cheese.

You then get that tangy familiarity and slight warmth of the jalapeños which is rather pleasant. Taste and texture-wise it works pretty well.

Burger King Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp
Lifting the brioche lid…

It’s not a ground-breaking burger.

In fact, (and BK aren’t the only ones to do this) it seems with High Street promos we get something new and exciting (say the Angriest Whopper or McDonald’s Great Tastes of America) which is then followed up by something a bit more conservative or safe (see Big Tasty or the Summer BBQ promo).

And to be fair to both companies – that’s more than expected as they can’t keep re-inventing eye-catching new promos from what is in effect, the same core ingredients.

The Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp you would expect to have possibly a nacho cheese sauce… it doesn’t. You get the regular American cheese they use on all their cheeseburgers.

Personally, I was glad of this as I’m not a fan of nacho cheese sauce but others could be miffed by its exclusion.

It’s all quite creamy with the mayo and I’d like to have seen a more innovative sauce used to really extenuate the jalapeños and nachos to more of a Tex Mex style offering. Maybe next time…

Burger King Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp
Good. Could have been great…

However, the Tendercrisp is definitely still my favourite High Street chicken patty and it works really well with the chillies and the lettuce/cheese/chicken/mayo is a classic combination.

It is a good burger but with a slight tweak here and there it could have been a great burger.

Mine was made-up fresh (although I believe all are made to order at BK) and my only concern at time of writing was if this burger is left too long the nachos could potentially become soggy. But on this occasion, that certainly was not the case.

A well-presented burger with a nice crunchy snap from the nachos is benefited from by the inclusion of the slightly spicy, pickled jalapeños.

Don’t expect nacho cheese sauce either and if it was something like a Cajun mayo instead we could be crowning this as one of the best chicken offerings from the King and Co. ever.

More information can be found on the Burger King website.

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