Atomic Burger True Romance Anniversary Burger

Review of Atomic Burger September Joker Special, Alabama Worley True Romance Anniversary Burger


What they say:

Burger topped with Alabama Pork Tenderloin, Fresh Orange, Mint & Cucumber Salsa and Any Side.

Price: £10.25.

Calories: Unknown.


Anyone following the Burger Lad® Atomic saga should hopefully realise from the title above that is the fifth time we have visited them.

And on this occasion the burgers really did strike back!

Why… do you ask?

Well making the 80-mile round trip to Bristol and making this a breakfast/lunch/dinner outing (yeah we’re not eating anything else today) we decided to not only order the latest monthly Joker special but also taste test another two of the always tempting entries in the Atomic Burger sticker book.

Atomic Burger True Romance Burger
You’re so cool…

Up first then… the True Romance Anniversary Burger – The Alabama Worley.

For anyone that has not seen the now 20 year-old True Romance shame on you!

Alabama Worley is played by the gorgeous Patricia Arquette and it is from that character this burger gets its namesake.

OK we’d made the trip down from Cheltenham not having killed any pimps or carrying a suitcase full of blow but we might just take in three King-Fu movies.

That or a trip to the video game store just down the road (selling SNES, N64, Megadrive etc games!) as we’d been on a bit of a retro gaming high this weekend.

Remember they don’t come more retro than Atomic with their heavily 80’s cartoon, TV and movie toys, decorations, wallpaper, music, prints and paraphernalia – God we love it here!

A bit like Clarence and his new bride, we both sported new tattoos and were looking forward to the daring challenge of three burgers in one sitting. Geez… that’s only 1.5 each!? + sides… and my goodness the onion rings (first time I’ve had them) and Sci-Fries were amazing!

Atomic Burger True Romance Burger
Atomic Burger True Romance Alabama Worley…

Presented to us this afternoon was the Alabama Worley – she looked pretty cute, perfectly developed, fresh and smelling zesty and slightly fruity. But would she taste like a peach!?

The burger had the standard issue lettuce and tomato (again I did not remove this!) with the Atomic beef patty and a good-sized pork tenderloin sitting akimbo.

Next up on this stack is a mixture of orange segments and a cucumber and mint salsa. Sound odd!? Yeah slightly, after the meal I was told this has been the least popular monthly special ever.

This is a shame as the combination of flavours going on here are different and enjoyable. And fresh! And that pork tenderloin really complimented the perfectly cooked, medium beef patty.

Atomic Burger True Romance Burger
A different, but enjoyable burger…

The orange segments were “different”, especially with the beef patty but not offensive and the combination of them with the pork and salsa worked.

I was expecting the salsa to be more “saucy” but the freshness of the mint and cucumber was good.

All in all a different tasting burger to what is normally on offer at Atomic and I guess that’s why it was a monthly special.

I enjoyed it… don’t get me wrong. It’s a shame more “Sheep-le” haven’t participated as that pork alone is worthy of a mention. Succulent, juicy, slightly fatty but then fat = flavour people.

Atomic Burger True Romance Burger
Lifting the lid of the latest monthly special…

Overall, I would summarise the Alabama Worley as an interesting play of tastes, quite unique in terms of what I’ve had so far since starting this website but enjoyable all the same.

I would recommend trying it in the short time you have left for September just for something a bit different. Today I only sampled half of this burger before turning my attention to the next cast member.

Atomic Burger True Romance Burger
Inside the True Romance Anniversary Special…

Alabama Worley was joined by what I would describe as Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman in this True Burger Romance… up next in their supporting roles we had The Outlaw and The Cheech and Chong.

Up first The Outlaw (£9.25) topped with Chipotle pulled pork, American cheese, tumbleweed onions, served with a side order of choice.

Atomic Burger The Outlaw
Chipotle. Pulled. Pork…

I’ve threatened to have this burger ever since it first joined the menu.

The Chipotle pulled pork had a slight heat to it, nothing obscene but just to give you the slightest glow in the mouth.

The American cheese was melted inbetween the beef patty and pulled pork and bound everything nicely together. I truly love the tumbleweed onions on this burger, I just found myself wanting just a few more!

Atomic Burger The Outlaw
Atomic Burger – The Outlaw…

Again I left the fresh tomato on despite one or two pieces escaping from the precision cutting of Miss Milkshake (she happened to absolutely love the Alabama Worley by the way) but I think for me, The Outlaw is more up my street.

Chipotle pulled pork, onions and cheese… Yes please… this is the very definition of winning!

Atomic Burger The Outlaw
One of my Atomic favourites…

And so lastly, but not least we come to the Cheech and Chong (£8.95) topped with beef or Vegi chilli, red jalapeño’s, aged cheddar sauce, served with a side order of choice.

Atomic Burger Cheech & Chong
Some semi-cheese sauce leakage…

Now I’d love to write a review of this burger all by itself as I am a massive fan of the movies:

“How long have you guys been in Bristol…?”

“A week… I mean a day.”

“Which one is it… a week or a day?”

“A week day…”

“You got any Fallout sauce or trailer park fries in here?”

“…Uh, not anymore!”

The Cheech and Chong is essentially a chilli cheeseburger and who in their unhazed mind does not like a chilli cheeseburger!?

As you can see from the pictures there had been some severe leakage of that aged cheddar sauce but that wasn’t a problem as the awesome fries took care of mopping up business.

Atomic Burger Cheech & Chong
Atomic Burger – Cheech and Chong…

This was my first time trying an Atomic Chilli which had kidney beans in it and was fused nicely with the cheese sauce and jalapeño’s.

And it was GOOD!

Not messy like a chilli cheese can become, there was just the right amount but by the end of this (and the previous two burgers) I had completely decimated one or two of the essential napkins.

The chilli was not silly hot (if you want that heat level see their Fallout sauce) but delicately spiced with ground cumin and coriander, just how it should be!

Again very happy to have tried this I walked out to the gents with a smile on my face which must have looked like I’d spent a session with the two beloved stoners!

Atomic Burger Cheech & Chong
So many good choices on the menu…

Having spent some of the weekend re-visiting WWF No Mercy on my old N64, today really was a triple-threat match for the Heavyweight championship!

Just before we left the chaos of that day, I stood in the men’s rest room and saw in the mirror behind me a guy similar looking to me, dressed completely in a golden Burger Lad® jumpsuit.

“I like you, BL®. Always have. Always will…”

I love a jaunt down to Atomic Burger.

Gloucester Road is cool with loads of quirky little places to browse in but please make sure you book in advance cause this place is always busy!

And guys I am still waiting for my Atomic-branded “Burger Lad® Atomic Legend” t-shirt. You’re so cool…

Burger Lad®