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What they say:

Double stacked burger topped with pickles, double American cheese and our *Secret recipe McLovin Sauce*, served with a side of your choice.

Price: £10.95.

This time last year we started the road to what you know as Burger Lad®. It was the 10th October 2012 that “Scratch Nasty” submitted a review to Fast Food Forum which was subsequently published on their website. Shortly afterwards we visited Atomic Burger in Oxford to review The Chuck Norris and was created.

It hit home when the “Double Big Mac guy” asked where our Double Big Mac video would be featured and when he heard the above URL said “I’ll never remember that” and he was right… nobody would and after that “Burger History” was created.

Atomic Burger McLovin Review
The Atomic Burger McLovin…

So a year after our original visit we were to take another trip to Atomic Burger only this time we were heading to the Bristol location. We had been strongly advised to book the night before via Twitter so had no major complaints when we were turned away. Luckily they could fit us in a bit later on (40 minutes to be exact) so after a quick drink elsewhere we were shown to our table.

I loved the décor in Oxford but I preferred Bristol as it was lighter and had some fantastic artwork on the walls (you can see some examples below). On this occasion the “Kondiment Kids” were in tow so it was never going to be a relaxing lunch…

It was packed inside. We had driven approximately 40 miles to visit on this Saturday afternoon and lost count of the number of disappointed faces being turned away. All over the walls were pictures of He-Man, Thundercats and other popular 80’s pop culture icons. Toys such as vintage Kenner Star Wars figures, a Glow Worm, Teddy Ruxpin and Battlestar Galactica spaceships are scattered around this visually impressive cantina.

Atomic Burger McLovin Review
This does not do it justice…

The smell of the burgers here literally wafts out of the restaurant door and all the way down the Gloucester Road. I made sure to take a look around and loved the Empire Strikes Back print in the gents and the amazing Scooby Doo painting leading back to the dining area.

I had agonised again over the menu before even setting foot in Atomic. Would it be The Outlaw? Big Tone maybe? Or even the Tony Montana? But I had a scheme that would involve tasting buffalo chicken and pulled pork so opted for the McLovin’. And why not? After all I had created the off the menu UK Double Big Mac and even replicated the Big Mac myself using the Takeaway Secret recipe. So how would the Atomic McLovin’ compare?

Atomic Burger McLovin Review
The artwork everywhere is amazing…

I kicked off this latest 21st century burger adventure with the Buffalo Chicken meat slider sandwich. This was only small (like a slider should be) but was perfect to get a taste of the sweet and hot buffalo sauce. The sandwich also had lettuce on but my palate was picking up a foreign taste I wasn’t expecting. It was only after checking I discovered a fresh tomato slice. I finished up as Ketchup Girl asked “Daddy why has this restaurant got toys in it?” “Because it is cool” was my response.

Atomic Burger McLovin Review
Buffalo Chicken slider…

I swear when one of the waiters bought our drinks over he sang “burgers” from our now defunct theme song and I wondered if my cover was blown. I was just thanking my lucky stars at this stage that Atomic had managed to squeeze us in and vowed to book next time!

As I finished the buffalo chicken slider the sauce reminded me of a gentle version of the dreaded Fallout Sauce we had on the wings in Oxford. This however lacked the evil burn we previously encountered.

So after quite a long wait I was presented with the McLovin’ burger. OMG this was massive!! I was in shock, awe and fear looking at this mountain of McLovin’ goodness. I had expected thinner patties but no these were the “standard” issue. I don’t think I will be attempting their latest challenge any time soon!

Atomic Burger McLovin Review
This is not for the faint hearted…!

I saw a few people do a “double” take at our table as it looked like mountaineering equipment might be required to conquer this colossus. I cut the burger in two on this occasion firstly taking the Adam Richman school of thought by divide and conquer but secondly to get a look at that lovely pinkness Atomic cook their burgers to.

Atomic Burger McLovin Review
Inside the McLovin from Atomic Burger, Bristol…

The beef patties still remain as some of my favourite burgers I have ever had but the sauce on the McLovin’ was amazing. It was a better replica than the one I had concocted and the standard McDonald’s Special Sauce. I found it more subtle than its conglomerate counterpart whilst remaining faithful to its inspiration.

I really struggled eating the whole thing especially with my side of choice. The expertly named Trailer Park Fries which are described as “Fries with aged cheddar sauce, pulled pork & tumbleweed crispy onions”. Now how far would you drive to experience something like that!? And my goodness they were rich, slutty and damn right dirty. I actually felt like I was sat there in tight white jeans and no t-shirt dreaming of Mr Lahey.

Atomic Burger McLovin Review
Can you get a better name than Trailer Park Fries…?

Back to the burger… I cannot stress just how great the burgers are at Atomic and the McLovin’ was no exception to the rule. I think on this occasion my eyes were too big for my belly and I failed to finish everything but that is no reflection on the food quality.

The combination of that massive burger and the richness of the fries were just too much for me in the end. I should have had something with a bit of spice to help cut through it all. Maybe next time. I especially loved the thick cut, crinkled pickles too.

While reflecting on the McLovin I would probably ask to swap the fresh tomato for fresh onion next time.

Atomic Burger McLovin Review
3 days worth of your calorie intake allowance (estimated)…

The tumbleweed onions were mega on those fries though and next time I would have them on a burger in a shot. Maybe I should have gone with The Outlaw after all. I can see why Atomic said they were so popular at the moment…

In total we were in the restaurant for approximately 90 minutes which is never going to be relaxing with the “Kondiment Kids”. I appreciate it was busy but there was a bit of a wait and we were not asked if we wanted anymore drinks which would have been welcome. I also had to get a pack of wet wipes out the car cause as you can imagine things can get a bit messy. But I was grateful for getting this short notice lunch time spot so really had no complaints.

Atomic Burger McLovin Review
You better book and you better be hungry…

Those fries were ultra-rich and the sheer size of the McLovin’ was just a bit too much on this occasion. I tweeted Atomic on Friday evening stating my indecent proposal to which they replied “that is a feast” and I now understand why.

Atomic Burger will always be up there with my favourite burger establishments. Next time you are in Oxford or Bristol be sure to check them and their newly updated menu out. It is well worth it but please remember to book and tell them Burger Lad® sent you. I swear he sang “burgers”…

A truly unique and enjoyable experience and special mention for the great shakes. With that I will leave you with one last look at the McLovin’ before I go for a very long lie down! Thanks Atomic Burger – you’ve still got it! See you in 2014!

Atomic Burger McLovin Review

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    What do you think of their buns? I think it is the only thing that lets them down. Not sturdy enough.

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