Real Burger 6oz Lamb and Mint Deluxe Burger

Review of Real Burger Cheltenham 6oz Lamb & Mint Deluxe Burger


What they say:

REAL BURGER only uses 100% pure, Gloucestershire beef, finest chicken fillets, fresh baked bread and hand-cut chips, with tasty toppings & spicy sauces. With caramelised red onions & mint jelly.

Price: £5.90 for the burger only, £7.95 with chips & soft drink, add £1 for Alcoholic drink.

Calories: Unknown.

This was my first visit to Real Burger, and to Cheltenham at all, in fact.

A rainy October morning saw me pound the streets taking in all the (wet) Regency splendour.

Ah, he did enjoy wide spaces and spending the country’s money, did Prince George. I was waiting for my lunch.

Now, this wasn’t an ordinary burger review, it was a review being conducted under the watchful gaze of Burger Lad® and Miss Milkshake, the First Family of Food, whom I had only just met for the first time.

So, an ounce of pressure and it would take a great burger to help me pass with flying colours.

Fortunately I had little doubt that Real Burger would deliver. Burger Lad® has reviewed several of their concoctions before and it’s always been extremely positive.

So no worries on the food front. Real Burger itself is very small and sort of hidden away. The venue is covered comprehensively on the other reviews.

No toilet, which was challenging for my beer-filled bladder (there’s only so much singing in the rain you can do when you’re not Fred Astaire, before having to give up and find a hostelry).

Real Burger 6oz Lamb and Mint Deluxe Burger
The busy grill on Saturday…

At any rate, and of course leaving myself open to accusations of sycophancy, I must say that a nicer couple of humans it would be hard to find.

Burger Lad® and Miss Milkshake made me feel extremely welcome, both to their Spa town and to their burger world.

So, Real Burger. I had to pick something that Burger Lad® hadn’t already reviewed, and frankly, ever since I woke up at 0500 this morning, my heart(and my stomach) were set on lamb.

I’d checked out the menu beforehand and the lamb burger sounded great.

Burger Lad® was paying – and frankly that felt not a million miles away from going to California, ordering a Big Mac, and having Ronald McDonald pay for it. Tremendous!

Miss Milkshake was not eating. Nor drinking, despite there being a great milkshake place just next door.

The cooking took ages. The owner was on his own and it was very busy for such a small place.

Eventually, it arrived. Burger Lad® had the BBQ and I had the lamb.

Real Burger 6oz Lamb and Mint Deluxe Burger
Real Burger 6oz Lamb & Mint…

First impressions, the lamb itself was outstanding. Well worth the wait.

The red onion and copious amounts of mint made this even more special. The mint wasn’t even overpowering. It was lovely.

One downside of lamb burgers is that they don’t generally include cheese. And this is no exception. No cheese.

But it doesn’t seem to matter. The lamb flavour hits the taste buds far better than beef or chicken can do. Lamb also gives that utterly distinct smell which goes way beyond the mouth.

I would just say that the bun was a bit soft. Burger Lad® may disagree, but an absolutely great burger deserves an absolutely great bun.

There’s plenty of choice but it’s not like the bun they’ve chosen is bad in any way. But somehow to me it feels like the weak link in an otherwise exceptional chain.

I got through all this slowly. Partly because I was talking too much and partly because it felt like something to be savoured.

Real Burger 6oz Lamb and Mint Deluxe Burger
Expertly chosen toppings…

The red onions added a certain sweetness to proceedings and the mint bounced off the perfectly cooked lamb just as mint has done for generations.

Overall, I enjoyed this. Downsides – the bun, the size of the place, lack of toilets. Upsides – the perfectly cooked lamb and the expertly chosen toppings.

If you are ever in Cheltenham or the South West generally, pop into Real Burger. A tiny, local joint providing great quality scoff.

And here is a picture of us lifting the lid on the 6oz BBQ Classic – this is indeed a classic!

Real Burger 6oz Lamb and Mint Deluxe Burger
6oz BBQ Classic…

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