McDonald’s Jureskog Signature Burger

Review of McDonald’s Jureskog Signature Burger

What they say:

“This burger is me! Osten Black Sara® is optimal for burger and my own special ketchup with celery, horseradish and Tabasco® takes the taste to the next level.”

Price: 88kr for the meal (approx. £7.75).

Calories: 960 kcal.

Well, after a few days delayed in England, I hurried back to Sweden, and straight into McDonald’s to try out the Jureskog Signature Burger. This was the 3rd and final burger in the Jureskog range and should have been the best, presumably?

McDonald’s Jureskog Signature Burger
The final burger in the promo…

I had seen a couple of Facebook posts from other restaurant workers that described it as “roadkill” and “embarrassing” so I was a little nervous that Jureskog and McDonald’s had dropped the ball on this one.

I arrived at 13.00 and the restaurant was full. I had to wait 5-6 minutes for my burger, which as appose to the other 2 Jureskog burgers was served with normal fries.

McDonald’s Jureskog Signature Burger
The Signature meal…

The burger looked very similar in size and packaging (wrapped in paper) to the other Jureskog burgers. Priced at 88kr for a plus size menu it was the same price too.

Lifting the top bun I saw that there was very few raw onions as shown on the picture and loads of mayo. The burger looked like a bit of a mess and needed a good few napkins to keep myself from making a mess – definitely not one for the drive-thru!

McDonald’s Jureskog Signature Burger
McDonald’s Jureskog Signature Burger…

First taste was Dijon mayo and bacon, a good combination and I had high hopes. The fresh tomato and special tomato ketchup took over though and I couldn’t taste any cheese.

The meat patties were good, but exactly the same in every way to the other 2 Jureskog burgers, and the bun the same as the Texas.

McDonald’s Jureskog Signature Burger
Lifting the lid…

I suppose if this was the 1st burger, or only burger, that Jureskog launched it may have had a better impact, but quite frankly, I was disappointed that it was very similar in build to the other two.

In short, I enjoyed the burger, but it had nothing special. And nothing that stood out from the other two Jureskog promotional burgers. Sorry Jureskog, but I am not surprised that it didn’t finish in the top 10 at the world burger championships.

McDonald’s Jureskog Signature Burger
Cross-section of the Signature…


Jureskog Signature









  • Dijon mayo
  • Size of burger
  • 100% Swedish beef


  • Too similar to others
  • No defining taste
  • Messy