Après Bar Chilli & Cheese Burger

Après Bar Chilli & Cheese Burger

Website: http://apresbars.com/

What they say:

All our burgers are 6oz and 100% pure Aberdeen Angus beef uncooked weight served on a toasted floured bap with lettuce, beef tomato, coleslaw, fries or jacket potato.

Price: £10.50 or £5.00 as part of the Monday to Wednesday 2 for £10.00 mix and match deal.

It was a Monday evening so we decided to try out the Après mix and match deal. Two burgers for a tenner seemed pretty tempting. With new menu items such as the Mexican and Catalan burgers as part of the deal how could I resist?

So I arrived at Après in good time and managed to secure the booth-style seating. I quite like it in this bar/restaurant. The lighting is mixed so you have both light and dark areas, you can’t glance around without seeing a television and it has a very relaxed, informal atmosphere.

After a few reasonably priced drinks my counterpart placed our orders at the bar and returned with a bottle of wine. It was only later did I realise it was in fact empty and this signified our order number. After seeing a number of tables get their food some guy wandered around looking lost while carrying two burgers. We tried to get his attention (the bar was busy by now) but he disappeared only to hand our food to a colleague who then rushed it straight to us.

The food was served in a quite cool Après branded wooden tray which was far better constructed than anything I managed in woodwork at school. But we’re not here to talk about joinery – let’s find out how this burger was constructed….

Apres Chilli & Cheese Burger

I took my first bite of this chilli cheese concoction and got a nice hit of the chilli con carne straight away. It had a mild spice to it and was not overly hot but pleasant with familiar hints of cumin and coriander. As you can see from the photos there wasn’t too much on the burger. I’ve had chilli cheese burgers before where you are literally swimming in the stuff. I was glad of the serviette tucked away in the knife and fork ‘envelope’ and the bun did cope remarkably well with this chilli beef bonanza.

Après Bar Chilli & Cheese Burger

To be honest I didn’t really notice the cheese and it was only by ‘lifting the lid’ did I confirm its existence… it looked like a fairly thin slice had melted into the chilli and had been grilled slightly. Mmm chilli and grilled cheese… yes please.

That brings us onto the host of this party… the burger patty. Well it was thick, looked fairly greasy and tasted processed. It reminded me, to coin a phrase, of an ’upmarket burger van’. My counterpart remarked that he thought the burgers were definitely frozen. Now compare the standard price of this burger to the Loxley’s review we did recently.

But this is 2 for £10 and was a good value burger for a couple of mates catching up over the football with a few pints.

A word of warning – the football was on so loud it was like sitting in a cinema but that may be an exaggeration.

The fries were good, hot and crispy but my favourite BBQ sauce was nowhere to be seen. With ketchup, mustard, mayo and HP sauce on our table I assumed the waiter didn’t think we would need any other condiments as he didn’t ask.

Overall this burger was fairly enjoyable, it did what it said on the tin and at five of your English pounds it is pretty good value. Don’t expect a gourmet experience from it and please do not pay the full asking price. I’d definitely recommend it to friends looking for an after work pint or two and a burger so if this meets your requirements check out the Chilli & Cheese burger from Après. We’ll see you again soon – thanks for reading!

Après Bar Chilli & Cheese Burger

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