Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

Review of Sonic Drive-In USA Sonic Cheeseburger


What they say:

What you see is what you get. Melty American cheese, crinkle-cut pickles, chopped onions, fresh shredded lettuce & ripe tomatoes on a perfectly seasoned, 100% pure beef patty with your choice of mustard, mayo or ketchup. Straightforward and tasty, just the way it should be.

Price: $3.45, med combo $5.99.

Calories: 720 kcal (with ketchup).

Interesting place. Well, it is labelled a drive in, so I’d expect the majority of custom to be via the outside hatch. But there is an inside seating area too, so walk-ins are clearly welcome.

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

And that’s where it gets interesting. The counter as such is completely blocked off and each table has a red telephone handset. That’s how you order, via this hotline.

Told you – interesting! And there’s also posters up explaining how to order by Internet or SMS.

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

I sat down and picked up my burger hotline. A friendly voice answered. My name is such-and-such, he said, I hope you’re having a great day. Even before taking my order, he was hoping my day was good. And he sounded genuine.

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

So I asked for a normal Sonic Cheeseburger with Tater Tots. A short wait and out he trots with my order and a big smile. It seems America is embracing the UK’s #1 burger website.

I opened up my packaging. The burger was wrapped in paper, inside a foil wrap, inside a paper bag. Wrapping overkill? I think, for the journey of a couple of years to my table, it possibly is.

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

Anyway, I opened it up and got stuck into the Tots first. Tater Tots look, and taste, exactly like mini potato croquettes and I really enjoyed having the choice of something other than fries. The tots were warm, fluffy and crunchy.

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

Onto the burger then, and it was quite small. Absolutely fair enough, considering the price.

The bun was squashy and inside I could make out pickles, tomato, pieces of onion, a large slice of American cheese and the beef patty. All standard American burger stuff.

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

With my first bite, my immediate reaction was that it tastes similar to McDonald’s cheeseburgers. It didn’t blow me away but it was enjoyable. The beef was very ordinary fast food fayre. Tasty enough and fitted well within the bun.

The combination of flavours (and smell, I must add) made for a very tasty meal of the sort that makes you want the next mouthful even before you’ve finished the current one.

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

I would just add that while I chose a fairly basic meal, the menu here is quite comprehensive, including a choice of 25 yummy looking milkshakes.

That, and the decor, gives the place a sort of 50s Americana feel.

Service with a smile, fun and entertaining gadgetry, great menu, tasty food and low prices. Sonic gets the thumbs up.

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

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  • 20/05/2015 at 6:24 pm

    You sir, I'm afraid, did yourself a great disservice by not ordering a milkshake. I first discovered Sonic in college and recently they opened one near my home (I live in Maryland.) In any event their burgers are mediocre but their milkshakes, made with real ice cream (so, you know, at least 10% milkfat) are thickly indulgent and just damn good. Their vanilla flavor is exceptionally rich and is physically impossible to drink. Nope, only a spoon will do because of how thick it is. They don't skimp on the whipped cream either, although the cherry on top isn't my thing. Good stuff on your website, btw. Glad you enjoyed some adventures in the states!

    -Adam from TIB

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