The Grazing Shed Bunga Bunga Burger

Review of The Grazing Shed Bunga Bunga Burger


What they say:

Super Tidy Burgers® are special, made from the heart, using only the finest quality locally sourced ingredients. 165g 100% Welsh Beef with Gorgonzola fondue, smokey bacon, cajun mayo, red onion confit, ketchup, batavia lettuce.

Price: £10.95 including Fries and Bottomless Soda.

Calories: Unknown.

Tucked away just off the main thoroughfare of Cardiff is a little burger joint called The Grazing Shed which is a little gem.

Basic layout – shared bench tables, order at a little desk. That little desk, though, has a beer tap on it, which is tremendous!

I ordered the Bunga Bunga, essentially a bacon cheeseburger with Gorgonzola and red onions.

It arrived at the table almost immediately, which concerned me initially (it needn’t have).

A big bun, both horizontally and vertically. Visually there was generous lettuce, glorious bacon, gloopy melted cheese and a decent slab (165g) of beef.

The Grazing Shed Bunga Bunga Burger
The Grazing Shed Bunga Bunga…

Getting stuck into this, the mayo, ketchup and bacon came through loud and clear. The big bun was well selected, soaking up the sauce and holding everything in.

Overall this was a tidy package. “Super Tidy” as The Grazing Shed would say.

The beef was solid and thick. Well cooked and nicely seasoned. The combination of toppings worked well.

I’m not entirely sure what warrants the name “Bunga Bunga” but I suppose it has to be called something. It’s certainly a memorable name to go with a memorable burger.

The Grazing Shed Bunga Bunga Burger
Super Tidy Burgers®…

Throughout, there was a sweetness which was lovely without being overpowering.

That came from the red onion confit, which by this point had created a glorious union with the Gorgonzola – a brilliant choice of cheese for a burger. I’ve never had it on a burger before.

The lettuce was great too. Often forgotten about and taken for granted as a burger ingredient, this was big and crunchy and the only topping actually sticking out of the big bun. Did I mention it was a big bun?

The thick and awkwardly random cut fries complemented this so well. They were salted and seasoned but not killed off and still had bits of skin all over. I really enjoyed them.

The Grazing Shed Bunga Bunga Burger
Lifting the lid of the Bunga Bunga…

The core of any burger is the meat though, and here it shone. It was thick but not silly, well-done but not ruined, and seemed to have a perfect mix of meat to fat for maximum taste. Probably around 80/20%.

I really enjoyed the whole thing. And the place. And the city in fact. I think the no-frills, high-quality concept of The Grazing Shed is absolutely something the rest of the UK is crying out for in the probably overcrowded burger market.

The Grazing Shed Bunga Bunga Burger
Super Tidy Bunga Bunga…

A quick word about Cardiff. What a wonderful place. This was my first visit to South Wales and I loved it. I will definitely be back.

I’d recommend Cardiff to anyone and I’d absolutely recommend The Grazing Shed. If the owners are reading this, please, please give us more branches!

The Grazing Shed Bunga Bunga Burger
A little gem in Cardiff City Centre…

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