Real Burger Ghost Chilli Burger

Review of Real Burger Cheltenham 6oz Ghost Chilli Burger


What they say:

Cajun spices, cheddar cheese, ghost chilli flakes, scotch bonnet and lime salsa (hot)

Price: 4oz £5.25, 6oz £6.25, 8oz £7.25.

Calories: Unknown.

OK we’ve driven some miles recently to check out an array of burgers.

Heck, we even sent our Principal Burger Critic to America to report back on some of the chains there, but today I didn’t have to travel far from BLHQ® for the Ghost Chilli Burger from Real Burger, Cheltenham.

Real Burger Cheltenham
Real Burger, Cheltenham…

Owner Andrew recently revamped the menu at this cracking little burger joint located just off the High Street in the regency town, adding new items such as the Spicy Louisiana, P.B.J and Sunday Dinner but it was the opportunity of fire and heat that I couldn’t resist.

I’ve always said that the patties at Real Burger don’t need gimmicks so I was a little surprised to see these new additions to the menu.

I could walk in here, order a cheeseburger and enjoy it just as much as any burger. The meat they use here is local, organic and of top quality at a very decent price.

Ghost Chilli Burger
New menu at Real Burger…

Arriving shortly after midday it didn’t take long for my Ghost Chilli Burger to be cooked (everything here is cooked fresh to order).

Chatting with Andrew it seems that this is the most popular of the new burgers and it has left some customers in tears. Course I love spicy food and my Indian dish of choice is nine times out of ten a Naga so I wasn’t really approaching this with much trepidation. Maybe I should have…

Ghost Chilli Burger
One of the new Deluxe Steak Burgers…

My all-time favourite at Real is the Mexican which packs a modest amount of heat but that pales in comparison to the scorching fire on offer in the Ghost Chilli.

I’ve not really eaten many “hot” burgers so I’m not going to start proclaiming it the hottest in the UK but I wouldn’t want anything spicier than this.

The heat levels are not too dissimilar to the fiery Fallout Wings at Atomic Burger and it attacks you in stages. At first I thought it wasn’t too bad cause you get the Scotch Bonnet and lime salsa (I didn’t taste much lime!).

This is fruity and gives your palate a glimpse of what is to come. The obvious heat comes from the Ghost Chilli flakes which start slow and then continue to attack your taste buds with their ever-giving glow.

Ghost Chilli Burger
6oz Ghost Chilli Burger…

I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a chilli head.

At food events I’ll always try the hottest sauce on offer, it’s not too unusual for me to have Nando’s Hot or Extra Hot sauce… at breakfast and we’ve got a bottle of Fifteen Minute Burn in the cupboard at HQ.

But this did catch me off-guard and I had a bit of a sweat on and had to cough once or twice. It’s not unbearable by any stretch of the imagination and I would definitely have it again.

The flavours work well together but because of the chilli carnage you do lose the beef and cheese a bit but then that is expected.

The patty was cooked medium to well done and was as juicy and succulent as ever. Andrew is very attentive when cooking and it shows in his output – I can’t recommend getting in here enough but for beginners or those less inclined to enjoy fiery foods I’d suggest avoiding the Ghost Chilli Burger.

This is a REAL burger for REAL men (or women).

Ghost Chilli Burger
Fiery with flavour…

Overall though, this does set out to do exactly what is intended – pack a fiery flavour. I certainly walked away like Dhalsim after eating this one and was certainly glad of a Ferrero Rocher milkshake from neighbouring Shakes 2 Go afterwards!

Anyone looking for a spicy burger will not go wrong with one of the newest menu entries at Real Burger.

I always go into Real thinking that it is a bit silly travelling around looking for good burgers when we have such a great establishment on our doorstep so I’m making a promise to get in there more often from now on. Perhaps you should too…

The Ghost Chilli Burger from Real Burger is definitely HOT, it’s not in an eating challenge category but it certainly packs a fiery punch. I could handle it… can you!?

Ghost Chilli Burger
Hot stuff just off the High Street…

Burger Lad®