Real Burger 6oz Mexican Deluxe Steak Burger

Review of Real Burger Cheltenham 6oz Mexican Deluxe Steak Burger


What they say:

REAL BURGER only uses 100% pure, Gloucestershire beef, finest chicken fillets, fresh baked bread and hand-cut chips, with tasty toppings & spicy sauces. MEXICAN – With chilli Cheddar cheese, jalapenos, salsa & hot sauce.

Price: £5.95 for the burger only. £7.95 with soft drink and chips, £8.95 with any cider, lager or real ale and chips.

Calories: Unknown.

I was looking for a real burger after the disappointment of the “Mexican Fail” on Friday.

And what better place to exorcise that misconstructed Mexican infringement of the trade descriptions act than our favourite local – Real Burger.

This is not the first Burger Lad® review of Real Burger in Cheltenham.

Previous visits included the 6oz New Yorker & Bacon and the 8oz BBQ Classic.

If anyone is thinking of visiting this regency town for a regency standard burger Real Burger is tucked away just off the High Street in Cheltenham on Grosvenor Street.

Real’s menu is pretty impressive without becoming too busy.

They’ve got a great range of meal deals (they also serve booze!) and burgers are available in 4oz, 6oz and 8oz patty sizes – I’ve also heard rumours of a secret menu 12oz version too.

Check out their menu, they have an impressive array of flavour combinations and sometimes feature special meats such as Llama and Zebra.

On this occasion I was going with their 6oz Mexican Deluxe Steak Burger and having not been since April 2013 (sorry guys!) I was very much looking forward to my return…

Real Burger 6oz Mexican Deluxe Steak Burger
Real Burger 6oz Mexican Deluxe Steak Burger…

I had previous described Real Burger as “the real place to be for quality home-made burgers” and after checking out a shed load since my last visit I was looking to see how that statement held up.

I was not disappointed.

All burgers are cooked to order here and we were told by the guy serving called Chris, that it would be about 15 minutes. No problem… we went and got a couple of Shakes 2GO which is only two doors down – also awesome!

So as the burgers finished cooking the burger bar filled with an awesome smell.

I was getting really hungry at this point and damn it smelt good.

I held the tomato on this order as I didn’t want to see it go straight in the bin. When you order you are asked if you want salad and/or mayo on your burger so it seemed a no-brainer to leave it off.

The Mexican arrived and I unwrapped it as quickly as possible. There’s no attempt at pretty presentation here and no skewers involved.

Don’t get me wrong, the burgers look good, real good but they don’t need to try and hide behind “fancy” presentation.

Real Burger 6oz Mexican Deluxe Steak Burger
Damn tasty burger today in Cheltenham…

OK after filming our latest episode of BLTV which you can see below (please excuse the debris on the face AGAIN) we went to work on the Mexican.

The patty was cooked perfectly but it has an awesome, smoky, straight off the grill taste which does not get lost amongst its other components.

The freshness and quality stands up for itself and boasts a beefy brilliance I’ve not tasted recently.

Amazing beef patty, I can’t sing its praises enough and I recommend getting amongst one ASAP to try any of their tempting menu items.

After the disappointment of the burger on Friday I was looking for a proper Mexican standoff and the toppings used by Real worked 100% – this really was AAA standard!

There were a respectable number of Jalapeños on-board, about four or five I believe.

The salsa was fresh, served cold on the Mexican but was great mixed with the Jalapeños and red onion. Yum! This was bordering on orgasmic in terms of enjoyment!

The star of the show was the hot sauce. This really did have a kick to it and basically was EXACTLY what I wanted and expected of a Mexican burger. Great! Really, really great.

The cheese had been added to the patty while still on the grill and had melted perfectly over the beef. It had a kick to it which contributed to the spice levels which to my palate were spot on.

Real Burger 6oz Mexican Deluxe Steak Burger
AAA burger from Real Burger…

Overall, the 6oz Mexican Deluxe Steak Burger from Real Burger is a real winner.

Go and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

If spicy food is a bit too much for you then you might struggle but any chilli heads out there won’t find it any more than a little tickle. And what an absolute delight it is.

Chris was a really friendly guy who had a great knowledge of the business and its product so we can’t commend you highly enough. Good work Sir!

And after I had finished filming I looked to my left to see him watching the “episode” in-front of him with a smile on his face – so thanks again!

He also confirmed they will go up-to anything like 30oz as well as long as you pay for the additional ounces.

In previous reviews I have mentioned other Cheltenham establishments proclaiming to be the “best by far” – don’t make me laugh!

Real Burger is easily the BEST burger place in the town and having sampled burgers from multiple places since starting this website I dare say it has shot back in at number one on my list of any place I’ve been to.

I’m seriously already planning my next visit it was that DAMN good!

Because of the quality, fresh ingredients used you don’t get that ”burger hangover” which can hit you after some of the High Street offerings. And at under eight quid with chips and a soft drink you’d have to have brain damage to go anywhere else!

We mentioned secret menu items earlier in this review and you can check out Miss Milkshake’s expert analysis of Real’s current offering – the Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger right here.

Burger Lad®