Dip and Flip Dip & Flip Burger

Review of Dip and Flip, Dip & Flip Burger

Website: http://www.dipandflip.co.uk/

What they say:

Gravy, French dips, Hamburgers, Craft Beer.

Price: £9.95.

Calories: Unknown.

Firstly, my apologies. I wrote this, and ate this, whilst rather the worse for wear with beer, and I’m struggling to read my own writing. So if there are any parts that make no sense, that’s why.

Getting to Dip and Flip from where I was at the time (St Pancras) was a pain in the arse. Disembark St Pancras, tube to Victoria. That part is straightforward enough. But at Victoria, trying to find a train that stops at Clapham is harder than it sounds. It’s the second stop after Battersea Something and then a significant walk.

Effectively this is a place for those in the know, in the London bubble. Not tourists. I even asked – is this Dip and Flip or a pop-up? This is Dip and Flip I’m assured. None of the owners are here right now.

I couldn’t face more beer so I ordered a chocolate milkshake and for food, the beef burger with cheese fries and gravy. I wanted the whole dip and flip experience. Well, I was going to dip my burger in the gravy. Flips of any sort would have to be another day.

It was a weekday evening so it was busy, but not ridiculously so. There were some empty tables, one of which I got, with a high seating position.

Yummy perfection was lined up in front of me. Incredible burger, cheesy fries and a pot of gravy to dip the lot into. And a fantastic milkshake. Ah, some moments are to savour.

Dip and Flip Burger
Delicious stuff laid out…

OK, burger-wise the dipping thing borrows its concept from the famous French dip sandwich (one of BL’s favourites).

For those of you that don’t know, this is traditionally a hot sandwich (roll/baguette) with sliced beef and is served with a sauce/dip made with the beef juices from the cooking process.

You’re supposed to dip the sandwich in the “jus” and then shove it in your mouth as quickly as possible (again like BL®).

It doesn’t have to be any good. Right? Well, yes, it doesn’t have to be. But it is. And incredibly so.

Dip and Flip Burger
Dip & Flip Burger – fantastic on its own…

By anybody’s standards this is a good burger, whether you choose to dip and/or flip or not. It’s a cheeseburger with stuff. The stuff is quite ordinary I suppose, except of course the gravy. Did I mention the gravy?

The gravy was the crowning glory here. The dip. An ordinary looking cheeseburger is transformed into a unique tasty, gloopy slice of heaven. It’s the gravy that makes this a THING and presumably populates social media within the London bubble.

So how would it be without the gravy?

Well, you’d have a pretty outstanding bacon cheeseburger with above average patty, lovely cheese, presented in a fantastic bun. In other words, you’d be perfectly happy even if there was no dipping. It sort of reminds me of when Eric was transformed into Bananaman.

But that’s not why you’d come here is it?

Dip and Flip Burger
The word “melt” doesn’t even come close…

You come here for the Dip. And the Dip is amazing. You can dip your burger in it. You can dip your fries in it. You can dip your chocolate-covered milkshake straw in it.

There’s no getting over the fact that this is a gimmick experience, with the gimmick being the tasty as hell gravy. But it’s a gimmick built on a very solid foundation that would work just as well without. Once you embrace that, the experience at Dip & Flip is outstanding.

An amazing, messy, tasty sensation of a burger experience that you’ll struggle to beat.

Dip & Flip Burger
Tastiness in a picture…

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