Mom’s Gourmet Burger

Review of Mom’s Gourmet Burger

What they say:

A fully cooked quarter pounder made with perfectly seasoned 99% pure prime beef giving a juicy, succulent flavour and a meaty texture. The burger also features BBQ marks on both sides and a rustic hand made appearance.

Price: £4.99 RRP.

Calories: 257 kcal per 95g burger.

I was looking through a recent issue of QuickBite Magazine when I noticed a trade advert for Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs. If I recall correctly, the marketing also mentioned a new Mom’s Gourmet Burger.

I reached out to Mom’s and they very kindly sent us some samples to review. This isn’t going to be one of our conventional reviews though as we literally received the beef patties, so it’s difficult to grade it on one of our two scoring scales.

A bit about Mom’s – they supply a wide range of food (mainly Hot Dogs – hence their full name) to major retailers, venues and food service customers in the UK and around Europe – for more information check their website out.

The pre-cooked burgers are supplied frozen to vendors and cooking options range from microwave, oven or grill cooking – typically I received this information after our review and I did these on the griddle pan… I’ve not had any after-effects since so must have done an OK job of re-heating them.

Mom's Gourmet Burger

I touched upon the fact we’re not doing a conventional review with these products. Whether it is taste, presentation or any other variables, as we made these up ourselves it was our choice of toppings and bun we used and relied on Miss Milkshake’s expert presentation skills – hence why this is more an overview than a review.

Where would I place them on the burger-spectrum?

These burgers are designed to be sold by kiosks/stands/vans in my opinion. They’re certainly way above the standard of microwaveable products such as Rustlers or Taste Inc.

They’re also better than your typical £2.00 burger you get at a wide variety of “traditional” burger/food vans which are nine times out of ten the cash & carry variety.

Mom's Gourmet Burger

They were an average standard and tasted synthetically meaty with a slight flame-grilled taste to them – I wasn’t overly enamoured and our choice of ingredients made them more palatable.

Mom’s Gourmet Burger is never going to compete with the likes of GBK or Byron in terms of flavour, texture and quality, but for the market they are aiming for they’re certainly much better than the aforementioned “typical burger van.”

On their website, they mention “Mom’s fabulous sauces and chosen toppings, which after checking with the team say this includes “fresh lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions and gherkins or jalapeños… if you fancy something spicy.”

We went with GBK House Relish, lettuce, gherkins, American cheese and red onion on a Tesco brioche bun – I must say this was quite a good combo and certainly helped contribute to a more enjoyable experience. I don’t think I could finish one without the sauces and ingredients we added. Still like I said, the patty is better than a host of microwaveable and cash & carry alternatives.

Mom's Gourmet Burger

I’d definitely like to take the time to say thank you to Mom’s for sending us these samples – especially after the first batch had to be wasted due to someone I work with not seeing the massive “keep chilled” sticker on the box… and thus ending up in the bin.

Keep a look out for a stall or kiosk serving up Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs (or burgers) and let us know what you think. I know one of our Twitter followers had nothing but praise for the hot dogs and having recently sampled a terrible “Rollover” Hot Dog at Cineworld I’d definitely try one to see how Mom’s compare.

Like I said, not a conventional review as we chose our own bun and toppings and Miss Milkshake lent us her expert presentation skills. Compared to other burgers in the same market I’d say they’re pretty decent… but those used to unique and independent street food sellers and/or gourmet/dirty burger joints will probably pass.

I don’t believe a burger connoisseur would be even slightly impressed by these and my mind thinks of other mailed samples we’ve received such as The Yorkshire Wagyu Company and Winchcombe Burger Company – it got me thinking… do frozen burgers with BBQ marks and a rustic “hand-made” appearance have a place in the modern vibrant UK burger market?

Mom's Gourmet Burger

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