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Review of Burgershack @ The Royal Oak, Burgershack (The Posh One)

Website: http://www.burgershack.co/

What they say:

Burgershack’s ambition is simple – to work closely with brilliant suppliers, use the very best quality ingredients and make delicious comfort food. 6oz beef patty, Keen’s cheddar, smoked bacon, chipotle burger sauce, iceberg, brioche bun.

Price: £10.50.

Calories: Unknown.

We were in London to bring you another Burger Lad® exclusive which will be revealed next week.

In the meantime though, we’d like to share with you our experience of our trip to Burgershack @ The Royal Oak – a residency setup around September ’14 by the prominent London burger reviewer Burgerac.

We specifically chose this place for our lunch today after seeing it listed in the BuzzFeed UK “15 burgers you must eat in London” post/article.

Burgershack (The Posh One)
Burgershack @ The Royal Oak Pub…

There aren’t many burger reviewers I admire, but Burgerac is definitely one of them.

Anyone in the burger world that hasn’t heard of him has been living under the proverbial rock. He is arguably the most-respected burger reviewer in London and has spent several years hot on the trail of the best burgers across the city.

Recently he has moved away from reviews and formulated his own recipes while putting together a team and menu to launch Burgershack, based at The Royal Oak pub in Marylebone.

Just a 3 minute walk from the Underground, you’ll find this delightful pub emblazoned with some pretty nifty design work promoting the Burgershack brand (we absolutely love the logo, menu design, coasters, burger wrap etc).

Inside it’s more than just your traditional London boozer. There’s a cool vibe about it and we received one of the warmest welcomes ever. Their motto is simple: “Burgers, beers and good vibrations!” and this place certainly delivers on all three counts.

Burgershack (The Posh One)
“Burgers, beers and good vibrations” await you…

The menu has been developed based on the burger detective’s learnings and preferences while reviewing London’s finest (and beyond). It’s a simple, but excellent menu.

You’ve got a choice of five burgers including their revered Chickenshack, three hot dogs and a select number of tempting sides.

As it was a Monday we were also very tempted by their “Happy Deal”. A cheeseburger, crispy fried buttermilk chicken bites, or a veggie burger – with fries, plus a drink (to the value of £5) all for an outstanding £10.

Any future trips to London might have to be planned for a Monday to take this exceptional offer up. But we really wanted… NEEDED to try one of their signature burgers, and this is the Burgershack (The Posh one).

Burgershack (The Posh One)
The menu @ Burgershack…

We also ordered some Chilli Poppers (£3.50) and Chilli Cheese Fries (£6.50) and we’ll talk about these lavish creations later because I can’t delay anymore talking about this incredible burger.

After a short wait our freshly cooked food arrived on our table and it looked STUNNING! Now I know Burgerac himself wasn’t in the kitchen cooking this delight but whichever Chef was back there certainly knows how to execute a good burger.

Burgershack (The Posh One)
Burgershack (The Posh One)…

At this point, I’m going to have to re-visit my (mainly gushing) notes from the day.

Up first the patty. I would say this is without a shadow of a doubt, definitely one of the best patties I have ever tasted! It’s juicy, simply seasoned and packed full of incredible flavour.

A scan of their website reveals that this is a blend of 35-day aged chuck, brisket, rib cap and bone marrow. Made specifically for Burgershack by Nathan Mills of The Butchery in South East London. I am going on record now as saying it is up there with the finest. Perfect even…

The texture of the beef is only something I could dream of creating myself. It’s beautifully smooth but meaty and your teeth glide through it before hitting the delicious crispy bacon and thick melted cheese that is placed on it. The patty is scary it’s that DAMN GOOD.

Burgershack (The Posh One)
Perfectly executed build…

The bacon itself, brings a smoky essence but it is the amount you get plus how well it is cooked that must get a mention. Its top quality and creates a truly inspirational bacon cheeseburger.

This is complimented with that to-die-for chipotle burger sauce – a creamy, messy, slightly smoky delight. That and the iceberg actually very much reminded me of the Byron Flaming Iceberg, but this build is much better and more enjoyable (and to be fair that’s probably my favourite from Byron).

Considering I was pacing myself today I consumed this very, very quickly! And when I looked down in despair (with only one or two more bites remaining), I definitely had a tinge of sadness that this was soon to be over.

The experience gained from eating a plethora of good burgers and ingredients shows in this perfect creation.

Thinking back to that patty, with the beautiful flecks of pink throughout, the thick strong cheese and that bacon instantly puts this as one of my top burgers EVER. No contest. And despite that gorgeous sauce and the juices from the beef running freely with every bite I took, I was impressed with how the bun coped… with no signs of disintegration.

Burgershack (The Posh One)
Awesome eats @ Burgershack…

We absolutely loved the homemade hot sauce and BBQ sauce which are on the table (alongside the house mayo). I’ve always been a fan of BBQ sauce but this one had a real intense flavour to it. Very good!

The Chilli Poppers were an extra indulgence but we really have got to talk about those Chilli Cheese Fries. You have NEVER had Chilli Cheese Fries until you sample these! Talk about decadent!

They are out of this world, with sumptuous braised beef and crispy, skin-on fires. I loved how the fries retain their crispiness despite being covered in “chilli” and cheese.

Now most places you have these, the fries are covered in a glob of meat and sauce and everything soon turns into a big mess with soggy fries. Not here. The way the chunky beef is served with a partial sauce coating (instead of loads of sauce in your standard chilli con carne) enables the fries to retain their crisp exterior.

It is impossible to put it into words just how flippin’ good the side dish is. And don’t frown at the price either – this is an extra-large portion!

This meal was so good, if it sounds like I have been gushing the whole time it is because I was. And you will too as soon as you get there! Just brilliant.

Burgershack (The Posh One)
Good luck finding better…

With that let’s take one last look at The Burgershack (The Posh One). I can’t help but look at it again now with the Wayne’s World salute of “we’re not worthy” running through my mind. To me, this burger gets a standing ovation and the next time we’re in London we’ll be hitting up The Royal Oak again!

Burgerac’s tagline has always been “a burger detective hot on the trail of the finest burger in London town!” And… with his residency @ The Royal Oak pub he’s not only joined the club he established, but quite possibly emulated them in the process.

If I was envious of his placing in the burger world before my visit that envy has been intensely magnified since! You sir, are living the dream and we at Burger Lad® salute you. We hope to see you next time we’re sampling the incredible eats at Burgershack.

Burgershack (The Posh One)
This burger receives a standing ovation…

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