Burger Lad PFT Burger

Review of Burger Lad® PFT Burger

Website: https://burgerlad.com

What they say:

A glazed brioche bun holding together a handmade 6oz beef patty, 12-hour slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, custom Big Mac sauce, American Cheese, sliced gherkins and Crispy onions – this is the signature Burger Lad® burger. It’s pretty fucking tasty…

Price: Not applicable.

Calories: Unknown.

Right, here we go, Burger Lad®’s signature Pretty Fucking Tasty being prepared for me at HQ.

A lot to live up to. It’s one thing publishing one’s own creation and another thing entirely having a third party review it for all to see.

Burger Lad PFT Pretty Fucking Tasty
Served to me today at BLHQ…

This was not fast food. A long time was spent in preparation for this.

The pulled pork had been laid out earlier, the patties were shaped and cooked, the gherkins chopped and slowly it all came together, with the pulled pork being spread out atop this gem.

And, you’ll never see it on an episode of Burger Lad® TV, but the noise from the kitchen when Burger Lad® discovered the brioche buns came already cut, a sort of Japanese cartoon schoolgirl seeing The Beatles for the first time in the sixties, proved that a lot of pride and detail went into this.

Burger Lad PFT Pretty Fucking Tasty
The signature PFT…

The presentation was as good as any commercial operation, with the top slightly askew to display primarily the pork, but also the cheese, gherkins and beef.

So here we go in for a bite. First impression spicy, but on the right end of the scale.

The seasoning has been carefully thought out. The texture of brioche is always a winner. A bit squidgy, then my teeth got down into the meaty core – terrific pulled pork first and on into the beef, which was cooked just right.

The only thing that might have improved this would be to warm the buns slightly before the build. Not necessarily toasting, although that’s one possibility, but a slight warmth to the bread.

Burger Lad PFT Pretty Fucking Tasty
Lifting the lid on the PFT…

It’s kind of crying out to be made commercially. Cheese, spice, seasoned pulled pork, beef, brioche. All the burger medal winners are present.

The pulled pork especially adds so much to this. It is gentle, caressing and loving toward the beef, which itself is not quiet. Overall the selection of ingredients was amazing.

Burger Lad PFT Pretty Fucking Tasty
6oz beef & BBQ pulled pork…

It was a great end to a terrific visit and for that I thank my friends and hosts. I really enjoyed the PFT, and who knows, one day, maybe you will too…

Pretty Fucking Tasty indeed!

Burger Lad PFT Pretty Fucking Tasty
The Burger Lad® PFT…

Admiral Burgerbar